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Rejuvenate, relax and de-stress with Charlotte Watts over a weekend in the UK or a week abroad, all at beautiful locations. Your programme will include two daily yoga sessions, alongside options to join... READ MORE

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I am an award-winning Nutritional Therapist with almost 15 years’ experience and also a 500 hour Yoga Teacher with almost 8 years’ teaching behind me. I have written 5 books, my latest The... READ MORE

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Yoga On & Off the Mat: The Yamas – Part 2

Part 2: Can we let go of desire, over-effort and ambition? Last month in part 1 of this two part ...
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Yoga and Bone Health

Yoga is an ancient health system that includes a physical practice designed to prepare the body for meditation. Its popularity ...
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Yoga On & Off the Mat: The Yamas – refining our attitude and energy

Part 1: non-violence and truthfulness When I first started practising yoga nearly twenty years ago, I could immediately feel that ...
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Kale as a superfood

Kale – superfood or a bit of a fad?

Kale is one of the brassicas family - including broccoli and cabbage – that is high in detoxifying sulphur compounds ...
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Exhausted indian businesswoman overworked

Coming Out of the 4pm Slump

This article was originally published on Healthista. Why you're so knackered by 4pm - and what to do ...
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Woman holding her painful shoulder

Yoga and Anxiety

First published in What Doctor's Don't Tell You Magazine. Anxiety is a common feature in life for many. The ...
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