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Charlotte is a yoga and somatics teacher and nutritional therapist from Brighton UK. She has Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer registration with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Charlotte has a love of mindful, somatic practice, yoga as meditation, the contemporary anatomy of biotensegrity and an explorative and compassionate attitude. She teaches a range of therapeutic further trainings for yoga teachers as she is keen to help others explore movement as a route to embodied, conscious and compassionate awareness. 

She has written many books, with yoga and nutritional focuses, including her latest Yoga and Somatics for Immune and Respiratory Health (Singing Dragon 2022), and Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018), Good Mood Food (Nourish 2018) and The De-Stress Effect (Hay House 2015). 

Charlotte brings together a somatic, mindful and embodied approach to all of her work; melding yoga, movement, meditative arts, breathwork and nutrition through a mindful, trauma-informed lens - examining what motivates, triggers and guides us towards our expressions,  choices or aversions.

It can be helpful to speak to Charlotte in person about anything related to the courses, and you are welcome to book a 15-minute consultation anytime:

  • If you are interested in taking a course and would like to discuss any aspect with Charlotte – this can include simply meeting and getting a feel for her approach, clarity on course content, what might suit you most at this time and helping to plan out a time scale for different elements.
  • If you are already a student on a course and need support, guidance, insight or anything else!

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Courses for Yoga Teachers

Download: Overview of Further Trainings for Yoga Teachers

Online Courses

Yoga and Somatics for Healing and Recovery

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Somatics for Yoga Teachers

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Online Courses via Yogacampus

Teaching Yoga for Immune and Respiratory Health

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Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Fatigue

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Teaching Yoga for Digestive Health

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In-Person Workshops for Yoga Teachers

Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery

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Somatic for Yoga Teachers

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Somatics Training Retreats

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