Mindful Nutritional Therapy with Charlotte Watts

Available only to Whole Health members after 2 months of membership

Please note that Charlotte is not taking on new clients until September - please email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist.

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Charlotte Watts is a high-profile Nutritional Therapist, practising since 2000 and winner of the CAM Award for Outstanding Practice 2012. She is author of many books, including Good Mood Food, The De-Stress Effect, Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health and Yoga and Somatics for Immune and Respiratory Health.  She previously lectured for The Institute of Optimum Nutrition and the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is also a 500-hour trained Senior Yoga Teacher, practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2007, including training teachers in Therapeutic Somatics, health conditions and on yoga therapy courses at Yogacampus and The Minded Institute.

Charlotte specialises in stress-related issues and conditions, bringing a mindful approach to not just what we eat, but how – the emotional triggers and personal circumstances that drive us towards food and lifestyle habits. She works from Functional Medicine and Psychoneuroimmunological (PNI) approaches (with testing where appropriate) to consider all aspects of our health intertwined.

Realistic and practical changes are recommended to fit within your tastes, budget and time constraints; the smallest changes can have the most profound ripple effects.

A consultation with Charlotte can help if you answer 'yes" to two or more of these questions:

  • Is life feeling tiring and just plain hard work at the moment?
  • Do you feel less able to cope with stress and on ‘constant alert’?
  • Are you seeing physical symptoms like anxiety, irritability, depression, IBS, skin issues, insomnia and cravings going round in circles?
  • Do you trust your intuition, but don’t know how to follow it with food?
  • Do you feel more drawn to sugar, caffeine and/or convenience food?
  • Do you want your life and relationship with food and health to feel easier?

Why are consultations only available to Whole Health members?

Charlotte has created Whole Health membership to provide a package of the natural health components that help us navigate back to optimal function as we were designed. The conscious movement, fascial and fluid practices, self-care, nutritional information and lifestyle advice come together to meet our basic needs. Experience and awareness of these through your Whole Health membership is a great foundation for then working on an individual basis for your specific needs.

It is helpful for you to get the most out of your consultation by engaging with the following materials before you and Charlotte meet:

  • At least 2-3 sessions of Charlotte’s Somatic and Mindful Yoga
  • The webinar Soothing Heightened Stress Responses

These together will provide you with really helpful insight into your own stress responses and how you are feeling (beyond a list of symptoms!) at this time.

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How a Nutritional Therapy consultation works:

A nutrition consultation is an in-depth investigation of your individual body needs, but changing diet alone cannot address health issues fully. Charlotte adds in knowledge of breath, posture, movement, stress and trauma for a more holistic understanding and scope of the advice; either in relation to your current lifestyle habits or those you are ready to start.

Consultations are designed to find the best tips, plans and strategies for you – not just when you are ‘being good’ but also when stress hits and it becomes more of a challenge to look after yourself.

Time frames for long-term change and addressing issues such as burnout, fatigue issues, autoimmunity, IBS, anxiety and sleep are usually best achieved over a 3-month period.

In a first consultation, we will agree a framework so you can feel free to ask questions and check-in via email between consultations. It is vital for motivation and body awareness that you feel fully supported and understand the reasons behind any changes you feel. All communications between us are completely confidential.

The Consultation Process

After paying (see below), you are asked to send Charlotte answers to the questions further on in this document (you will also be sent them via email), to guide where to begin in discussion of your diet, health history, family history, lifestyle, routines and any other relevant areas.

You then book a time directly with Charlotte (via email clients@charlottewattshealth.com) you meet either in-person (Rottingdean, Brighton) or on Zoom and begin talking through your aims, concerns and needs in relation to the questions you answered and whatever comes up on the day.

Charlotte will then explain exactly what she deduces is happening within your body systems from a functional perspective – ie how this links to areas within your health that you wish to address.


The important part is then discussion to find the dietary and lifestyle changes to be implicated over a specific time frame. These are discussed to find a realistic pace and practical level that you feel is achievable and therefore motivational. These can build this up as you feel able, but no guilt or pressure will be enforced upon you to change – this your decision and agency. You will be sent notes after with clear actions - a comfortable working plan to explore how changes suit you.

Advice offered can include best food choices throughout the day for sustained energy, when to eat around exercise, how to help get to sleep, daily calming breathing exercises, starting a meditation practice, best exercise choices to cope with stress, best healthy sweet treats when cravings hit – whatever you need to build a clear framework for healthy habits that work for you – including specific resources within Whole Health.

You will also be recommended any supplements and tests that are appropriate and help you to achieve positive change within your budget. These are not included within the consultation price and as such will be agreed at a level with which you are comfortable. Any testing arranged at the first consultation is then discussed during the follow-up or before to have the full picture.

Between consultations, you are able to email Charlotte for advice and explanation as you experience any changes or any queries come up.

NB: Charlotte always checks for any drug-nutrient reactions for safety and to also help to minimise side effects and support any nutrient depletion that occur with some medications.

Prices & Packages

Your info to send to Charlotte:

Below is a link to the Health Questionnaire you will be asked upon booking – you can either fill it in during that process or send on separately to [email protected] once you have paid.

Click here to open: WH Consultation - health questionnaire

30 Minute Entry Consultations - £60

Short consultations on supplement programmes and basic info

£60 - Purchase Here

60 Minute One-Off Consultations - £108

A shorter consultation; can also be taken online in 2 x 30 min sessions > choose this package if less in-depth cases

£108 - Purchase Here

Two Consultation Package - £165

75 mins initial nutrition + 1 x 45 mins follow-up (115 mins usually taken over 2 months – every 4-6 weeks as best for you) > choose this package if more in-depth cases

£165 - Purchase Here

Three-Consultation Package - £260

75 mins initial nutrition + 2 x 45 mins follow-ups (160 mins usually taken over 3 months – every 4-6 weeks as best for you) > choose this package if more in-depth cases

£260 - Purchase Here

45-Minute Follow Up Consultation - £80

After you have completed one of the packages (or just going through test results), you can book 45 minute follow-ups as needed

£80 - Purchase Here

NB: after you have completed one of the packages (or just going through test results, see below), you can book 45 minute follow-ups as needed at £80

Consultation Terms and Conditions

Concession prices are for those in need for any low-income reasons; please use your own discretion.

Please ensure you have paid before your booking time – consultations cannot happen without pre-payment. I also need to receive your info at least 3 hours before the start time.

If you need to rearrange your consultation time, please do so with 24 hours’ notice or contact me if an emergency transpires or you need to transfer your consultation to another person.

Bookings are non-refundable, but can be transferred if needed directly through Charlotte on [email protected] 

Prices include:

  • Electronic (pdf) copies of Charlotte’s books The De-Stress Effect and Good Mood Food
  • Meals plans and recipes as appropriate
  • Supplement Programme
  • Email support

Biochemical and Functional Laboratory Testing

It Charlotte’s duty as a Nutritional Therapist to recommend testing that would benefit your case, but the choice to do these is completely yours and although they can provide answers that could not be assumed, she can also work effectively without them.

She uses a variety of quality laboratory tests that provide evidence-based answers to your health concerns and help me understand what is happening in your body at a biochemical level. Test kits are usually sent to your home and you send off samples directly to the lab. Results are then sent to Charlotte’s and the implications, connections with your symptoms and how to best action are discussed within a consultation.


Laboratory tests range from around £59 to £250 in price and are paid in addition to the consultation fees (this can be just 45-minutes if just wanting interpretation of test results). You will be advised on what is most appropriate for you, according to your health concerns and what will give us most useful answers on your budget.

Charlotte never recommends a test that does not have a valid therapeutic reason ie. it must provides answers that will affect how we work with diet, supplements and lifestyle.

Tests can be done in one of two ways:

Either: Before a consultation so we have the results to discuss at the initial session – in this instance, order the test kit first and book in your consultation for two weeks after you have sent off the sample. This ensures we have the results back to discuss in your consultation, which will need to be 60 minutes minimum. If you want advice on which to order, please email to [email protected]

Or: We can discuss which tests may help give us answers to your needs within the first consultation, to then discuss results within the second. This works well, as often the dietary and lifestyle changes you are exploring between the first and second sessions support the findings and we can fine tune diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Most commonly used lab tests

There are many other tests available, but this gives you an idea of how Charlotte investigates as root causes of your symptoms. These take the guess work out of nutrition, but we can also gain an amazing insight by discussing your symptoms and how you reached them.

To arrange testing, either discuss within a consultation or prior to via [email protected]