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Yoga Retreats

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Rejuvenate, relax and de-stress with Charlotte Watts over a weekend in the UK or a week abroad, all at beautiful locations. Your programme will include two daily yoga sessions, alongside options to join... READ MORE

Book your free 15 minutes chat

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A personal telephone chat gives you the chance to tell me what’s happening for you and me the chance to explain how I might help. This also allows us to determine which level... READ MORE

About me

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I am an award-winning Nutritional Therapist with almost 15 years’ experience and also a 500 hour Yoga Teacher with almost 8 years’ teaching behind me. I have written 5 books, my latest The... READ MORE

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Yoga off the Mat: Finding Space

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Space, the final frontier, to boldly go where no person has gone before… This wondrous line from the classic sci-fi series Star Trek may seem like a bit of a cliché, but it... READ MORE

Three Stress Relief Foods to Have on Hand

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Nutritional help for coping  When we become stressed, all good intentions to eat well and feel we have some control over our choices, can fly out of the window in seconds. Research has... READ MORE

Dry skin brushing

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Dry skin brushing is an easy, quick and pleasurable way to add to your health and as something physical that you can do yourself (or with someone else?) at home, also adds a... READ MORE