Good Mood Food

Unlock the Power of Diet to Think and Feel Well

Nourish 2018

Have you ever suffered from anxiety, stress, PMS, low mood or brain fog?

In this ground-breaking book, Charlotte Watts and Natalie Savona explore the link between what we eat and how we feel. Simply and clearly, they show how small changes to your diet could have a big impact.

Featuring over 70 delicious recipes and meal plans as well as key recipes for each disorder, lifestyle changes and top tips, it’s never been easier to understand what’s going on in your body.

Using the latest research into links between nutrition and mental wellbeing, Good Mood Food will show you how to unlock the power of food to feel great.

“This book is just what I’ve been looking for! It’s so helpful, the chapters are clearly laid out with different issues. I found all the info really easy to follow, in language that even I could understand. I also liked that she doesn’t just talk about food but how lifestyle, movement and mindfulness can really affect the way you feel. I’m already feeling better!”

– Nicky Crabb, Brighton

“Highly recommended! I loved the easy format and found the book incredibly informative with some fantastic recipes to help support both mind and body. I am fascinated by the link between our mental health and nutrition and found that I learnt so much from this book. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on focus and concentration support and the feel-good diet basics. Even the chapters that weren’t necessarily relevant to me, I found interesting and insightful. So much value in one book and very easy to read. I will be recommending to a number of my friends.”

– Charlotte Troester, Southampton

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Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health

Singing Dragon 2018

Digestive issues are widespread and prove difficult to address through mainstream medicine. Senior yoga teacher Charlotte Watts sheds light on the connection between the gut and the brain, explains the links between stress, trauma and digestive issues and demonstrates how yoga with its focus on stilling the mind can have profound effects on conditions such as IBS, IBD, acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis and more. Breath awareness allows the breath to drop into the belly and diaphragm, essential for good digestive function and understanding the fascial connections within the viscera help shape movement that enables optimal function.

Fully illustrated with clear diagrams and instructions, this volume provides yoga, movement and medical professionals with a solid understanding of the digestive system in relation to breath, mindfulness, posture, anatomy, movement, stress and trauma. It helps them to apply this knowledge to their practice and teaching approach.

“Here is an insightful and illuminating examination of the role digestive health plays in physical and mental vitality. For yogis and non-yogis alike, this book is an invaluable resource to help support the ecology of the digestive system.”

– Tias Little, author of Yoga of the Subtle Body

Brimming with the relevant information and punctuated by insight ‘Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health’ blends Eastern Yoga with Western research and understanding to address digestive dysfunctions and conditions. Beyond this we are reminded of the potential and scope of yoga practice on various levels. This book should be included in the library of all teachers and practitioners who are interested in yoga as a therapy and is a timely reminder of what yoga is and can be.”

– John Stirk, author of The Original Body

“At a perfectly timed moment within the evolution of our understanding of the significance of digestive health toward improved wellbeing comes a book that offers thorough, accessible and informed guidance of the treatment of your body and mind.”

– Simon Low, The Yoga Academy Principal and International Yoga Teacher

“An important book for ALL yoga teachers since the significance of the gut body and its relationship to our structure and the nervous system has long gone overlooked. Charlotte highlights this connection in a myriad of ways and has produced an intelligent book, essential for all teacher training programs.”

– Kate Ellis, Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Body Psychotherapist

“This book is brave and brilliant. Charlotte has taken her personal passion through thorough homework and research, into a realm of clear communication and excellence. May it become a classic on every Yoga Teacher Training. It is valuable to anyone passionate about the art, science and scope of their personal and professional practice.”

– Joanne Avison, author of YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy & Movement, Yoga Therapist (AIYT), Senior Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500), Professional Structural Integrator (IASI) MSS (Master of Spiritual Sciences)

“Charlotte Watts artfully champions yoga as an embodied, compassionate pathway that leads to lasting digestive health. Moving past conventional approaches to “fix” the gut, she inspires readers to look at the root causes of disorder, which are often trauma and stress. She then graciously demonstrates how we can employ yoga as an effective means to meet and respond to these origins through the wisdom of our body, breath and mind.”

Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA, Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness Teacher

“This is such a fabulous resource. It provides practical guidance for those working with digestive issues in just the right amount of detail. I love the way that it draws throughout on the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, while acknowledging the place of contemporary medical research. Excellent too that it acknowledges the important role of yoga practices other than asana, especially when working therapeutically.”

– Graham Burns, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training Board Member, Yogacampus, Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London

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The De-Stress Effect

Rebalance Your Body’s Systems For Vibrant Health And Happiness

Hay House 2015

The De-Stress Effect is a new revolution in eating, exercise and relaxation that will return you to vibrant health by gently bringing balance back to your body and your life.

The fast pace of modern life and the constant pressure we put on ourselves to keep doing and achieving can keep us locked in patterns of giving in to food cravings, negative habits and self-criticism – keeping our minds and bodies on constant alert. This disruption to the natural rhythms of our body can lead to all kinds of complications that are hard to resolve, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, IBS, weight gain, fertility problems and skin issues.

Presenting the latest research on how we can finally heal this damaging cycle, The De-Stress Effect will give you the space to truly feel what is right for your health and your life – realistically, intuitively and with compassion. With a low-stress preparation, six-week eating plan for optimum nutrition, mindfulness practices, yoga sequences and exercise routines, this book will soothe you back to a happier, healthier you, whatever your life’s demands.

“Chronic stress affects everyone, depletes your mental and physical vitality and increases your risk for serious illness. The good news is you can reverse its effects and nurture resilience quickly, and naturally. Charlotte beautifully brings together the science and traditions of nutritional, lifestyle and mind-body medicine in an immediately practical way so you can harness the ‘De-Stress Effect’ and transform your life.” 

– Benjamin Brown, ND, The British College of Nutrition and Health, Author; The Digestive Health Solution. 

“Full of practical tips and advice, with a focus on mindful eating. Easy to read, powerful information for both your health and your weight.’’

– Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health and author of ‘Fat around the Middle.

“Charlotte’s book is my kind of ‘read’ – I defy anyone to read this and not relate it to their own lives and see where there is room for improvement and more importantly to help alleviate that dreaded ‘stress’ that enters all our lives!! I love anything that does no harm, is non-invasive and can only do ‘good’ – and this book is that. Great advice, tips and help on how to really de-stress, and keep healthy and balanced in life. More importantly it just makes sense. Good sense. I am all for it.”  

– Emma Forbes, broadcaster and writer

“Charlotte’s brilliant book is a gift for everyone suffering from all forms of stress. It explains why your body seems to be rebelling or burning out, and then shows you effective practical approaches to get your life and health back on track.”

– Phil Parker, Expert in the Psychology of Health Happiness & Genius, inventor of The Lightning Process

“The De-Stress Effect is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  Personally, I think most people in the Developed World would benefit from reading it!  From cutting-edge, well-researched nutrition to simply put science – balanced with yoga and mindfulness – this book will help the reader to get to the bottom of what type of stress they are suffering from. The simple yet effective solutions described throughout the book will help anyone who reads it discover more health, well-being and calm.”

– Fiona Agombar, yoga teacher and author of Beat Fatigue with Yoga

“Charlotte simplifies a complex subject and gets straight to the point. She gives you pioneering techniques which are brilliant, no nonsense.  I can’t recommend The De-Stress Effect highly enough.”

– Annie Ashdown, author of The Confidence Factor, co-host of ITV 1’s, Kyle’s Academy.

“A truly holistic system for health, joy and wellbeing – easy to work through or dip into again and again to find ease within modern living. Charlotte deftly explains how to weave mindfulness into nutrition, yoga and exercise to create a rich experience to find out what really suits you and how to enjoy finding out!”

– Martin Clark, editor of Om Magazine

“This book is a great support for understanding how the relationship of patterns and behaviours has such an effect on many aspects of your life but also how to make easy steps to change that with sound scientific background information and easy to follow plans that work.”

– Graham Stones, Former National Kung-fu Champion, Sports Injury Therapist for the English National Ballet and director of Broken Yogi

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