Vajrasati Yoga uses the tools of yoga practice (asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation) safely and clearly, to reveal the essence of yoga.

Jim TarranVajrasati Yoga (500 hour Yoga Alliance training) was founded by Jim Tarran who trained in ‘Hatha’ and Iyengar yoga. We work with the breath to focus on depth and opening. Moving tension from the body and stilling the mind in this way helps us both cope with and recover from the busy world around us.

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Yoga looks to promote unity with body and mind, which can make our responses to the stresses around us more appropriate and leave us feeling ‘grounded’, also specifically it aims to promote:

  • Calming of the nervous system to help relieve tension, headaches, muscle pains, fatigue.
  • Better posture and alignment can lead to improved circulation, digestion and hormone balance.
  • Breathing techniques can help your mechanisms of detoxification, circulation, immunity and tissue repair.


  • Vajrasati yoga is about absorption and there is a big emphasis on non-judgement, so no one will be comparing you or making you feel self-conscious
  • Vajrasati yoga is about body intelligence so you always have the opportunity to open as up your body allows, not in a goal-oriented way
  • Vajrasati yoga uses props (blocks, belts and chairs) to facilitate moving intelligently into poses – we work deeply into poses, but not forcefully


Vajrasati Yoga is recognisable by its clarity, alignment and above all its direct no nonsense teaching of traditional yoga practise. The name is synonymous with the yoga teacher training program run by Jim where the graduates join a free association of yoga practitioners, who all benefit from shared knowledge and mutual support through sustained contact, and training events.

The name itself is composed from the two ancient Indian words ‘Vajra’ -thunderbolt/diamond (Sanskrit) and ‘Sati’-awareness (Pali). The meaning seems to keep revealing more depths, but generally it is taken to mean ‘unobstructed awareness’. That is, given the right relationship, experience will become illuminated by an inner light that can penetrate ever deeper without ever being absolutely limited. The name also reflects the more traditional terms ‘ha’ and ‘tha’ and their association with sun/ moon union (Hatha yoga) – the sun being associated with the vajra and the moon with the sati.