Private yoga sessions with Charlotte:

A personal yoga session can provide a depth of individual attention to posture, breath and alignment that is not possible within a class setting. These can be one-off or regular depending on your needs, budget and practicality and can be tailored to provide any range of the following needed outcomes:


  • To develop a personal home practice suited to your individual needs and allotted time eg a 20 minute yoga practice for the morning or a 30 minute relaxing practice to help sleep.
  • How we work can be as dynamic or restorative (and a mix) as you need.
  • To cultivate attention and awareness of breath to help address anxiety or stress patterns that may contribute to symptoms affecting energy, sleep, mood, digestion and immunity.
  • If you feel in need of confidence or personal awareness to be able to join regular classes.
  • If you have recurrent physical issues or discomforts that will benefit from modifications and props within certain types of poses.
  • Couples or small groups accommodated.
  • For individuals Skype video sessions are also available at £50 an hour – good for follow-ups after a session in-person.

In various venues in London, Brighton & Hove:
Including notes and photos of poses emailed to you:
  • £90 initial hour and a half evaluation to discuss/observe your needs and set practice to do on own
  • £60 hourly rate – can be taken weekly or fortnightly to suit
  • For those not able to afford weekly or fortnightly sessions, I suggest three weekly or monthly hour and a half ones to re-evaluate self-practice and refresh as needed
  • Rates for 1-4 people in total
Home visit prices can be discussed according to location