Increasing your protection against COVID-19

A lot of our mental capacity is currently taken up by COVID-19; the impact this is having on our day-to-day lives and may have on our health.

It is important during this time that we take our information from valid sources and that we do our best to support our immunity and mental wellbeing. Below I hope to offer you some tips and support during this time of uncertainty.

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Online Classes

The nature of my teaching and the classes

Somatic & Mindful Yoga:

A yoga journey to open up the body and soothe the brain and nervous system. Beginning with a meditative, somatic practice, we arrive into the body and meet ourselves where we are. From this grounding, awareness and attunement into our inner landscape, we can then move from the centre in a more integrated way, feeling out what we need moment to moment. So whether the journey through different postures involves floorwork, standing, dynamic or restorative, there is the space and kind attention for each person to move in ways that feel safe, supportive and opening. In this way we can ease open muscles, fascia and posture in a safe and body intelligent way, with an emphasis on the breath and kind, mindful attention.

Mindfulness & Meditation:

This will be a session where you can settle in however you like (eg seated or lying) to listen to a talk that may include a reading, a poem, a self-enquiry question or even a bedtime story! Charlotte will pick a theme that feels relevant for the time to talk about, open a brief discussion and then guide a meditation (20-30 mins) along that theme with time for silence included.


  • Somatic & Mindful Yoga: Tuesdays 6-7.30pm – a more restorative evening class; low to the ground somatic movement (may be both laying and seated) down to full rest and a long, guided savasana
  • Mindfulness & Meditation: Thursdays 7-8pm – a talk about an aspect of self-care and heartful resources followed by a guided meditation, which you can do seated, lying or in any comfortable position
  • Healing Yoga: Fridays 11am-12pm – class organised via Brighton Natural Health Centre: use this link for more details and to book (not including in Charlotte’s monthly pass, but will be in BNHC class passes)
  • Somatic & Mindful Yoga: Saturdays 10-11.30am – a more energising morning class; starting seated to move towards standing and down to the ground for full rest, still with plenty of space, time to feel and the integration of the pause

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Calm Club Bundles

Supporting health & happiness through modern stress – with yoga, somatics, nutrition & mindfulness

These programmes are aimed at those who are looking to develop a calm life and provide tips, support and resources to create a feeling of calm. The 5 bundles currently available are:

  • Quietening a Busy MindYoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition tools to help soothe hypervigilance so common in times of stress.
  • Making Peace with FearYoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition tools to meet and soothe the fearful inner voices that lead to anxiety.
  • Inner Spring CleanseYoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition tools for immune strength, energy, clear mood and good sleep.
  • Kind ResilienceYoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition tools to help you sail through challenging times with coping and calm.
  • Grounding & Self-RegulationYoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition tools to grow inner resources that bring down stress, trauma and anxiety.

Further bundles will be added in the future but you will find these particularly helpful for support during the Covid-19 crisis.

Each bundle will include:

  • An introductory video
  • 1 workbook supporting your explorations
  • 1 long yoga video
  • 1 downloadable audio version of the long yoga video
  • 1 shorter yoga video
  • 1 audio meditation
  • 1 recipe book

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