with Charlotte Watts 500RYT SYT (Yoga Alliance UK)

Charlotte runs various yoga teacher training events across the UK for yoga teachers wanting to deepen their study and teaching. Wellness professionals with yoga experience and trainee teachers are also welcome to apply (unless specified otherwise). See here for Charlotte’s full Yoga Teachers’ Schedule.

See here for an Overview of Further Trainings for Yoga Teachers – with Charlotte Watts SYT

“Charlotte has such art in expressing her vast knowledge of yoga and the human body-mind. She teaches in a way that seems to be designed to bypass the needy/greedy brain and head straight for the tissues themselves. This way her teachings are felt, experienced in the body and become embodied experience rather than yet more concept and theory.” – Lisa Wise, yoga teacher and owner Clear Space Studio, Hereford

Live Online – Teaching Yoga for Immune and Respiratory Health

35 hours CPD Further Yoga Teacher Training

Learn the nature of breath in relation to our natural defences and how it contributes to the health of our immune and respiratory systems. This course takes you through the functions of the immune and respiratory systems and how they orchestrate in the body with each other (and other body systems). Understand how to design practices to support their optimal function.

More info on the course here

Therapeutic Somatics for Yoga Teachers

170 hours CPD Further Yoga Teacher Training

This rich, deep and embodied Further Yoga Teacher Training is both a journey into personal practice, and how to take this embodied awareness into meeting others through a therapeutic filter. The therapeutic aspect is drawn through understandings of the feelings, expressions, responses within movement and holding space for the effects of stress, trauma, burnout, anxiety, fatigue and post-illness; all through embodied awareness. Self-enquiry and self-compassion are key aspects explored for the teacher to be able to take this empathy to others, whilst attending to their own resources and recognising tendencies for compassion fatigue and burnout.

The training comprises of two parts that can be taken in any order or at the same time. This is to help you decide how intense or spacious you study the course and experience the practice. It also offers more scope in terms of spreading out payment and finding dates and locations that suit you.

  • Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery: moving beyond stress, trauma, burnout, anxiety, fatigue and post-illness through embodied awareness – the more theoretical, philosophical and enquiring part; there is experience and teaching skills of Somatics within yoga in this part, but with more attention to the nervous system effects, therapeutic approach, language, holding of space, attitudes and mindful attention – 76 hours online only /100 hours with workshops
  • Teaching Somatics: the art of leading others inwards towards whole – the more experiential and practical component, where the teaching skills are more specific towards a set range of Somatic practices (with an embryological focus), how to sequence those, add them into more ‘traditional’ asana and building a repertoire around specific body needs – 70 hours
More info on the full course here

Live Online – Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Fatigue – with Leah Barnett

50 hours CPD Further Yoga Teacher Training

Join Charlotte Watts and Leah Barnett, specialists in Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Fatigue Conditions. This course combines what were previously two separate, but intimately connected courses looking at how yogic practices can support us in times of overwhelm and offer us a lifeline when our energy is either compromised or on the floor.

Stress, burnout and fatigue are states that are intrinsically linked via the nervous and immune systems, which can become disordered from psychosocial stress, trauma and the high expectations of modern living.

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Live Online – Teaching Yoga for Digestive Health

35 hours CPD Further Yoga Teacher Training

Charlotte Watts leads this online course to explore the theory and practice for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, experienced practitioners and other body and movement therapists and workers. The course covers the fascial, stress, trauma and sensory connections with digestive issues that are so relevant within yoga philosophy and practice. Charlotte’s book Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018) is recommended supportive reading for the course.

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Somatics Training Retreat for Yoga Teachers with Charlotte Watts at Gayles, East Sussex

This teacher training retreat is open to yoga teachers, yoga therapists and anyone else interested with at least a year’s yoga experience (although you will need to be a qualified teacher to continue the full module, see below). Whether you simply need the therapeutic effects of a weekend of deeply nourishing Somatic practice or want to take this into your teaching, this will be a retreat of deep connection, self-compassionate practices and embodied awareness.
The course/retreat can be taken simply for 15 hrs CPD experience and understanding of Somatic practice or as a more complete module with after-study, teaching skills and sequencing days, worksheets and an assessment for how this can be integrated into yoga teaching – taking it to a total 60 CPD hours as the Teaching Therapeutic Somatics course.
The Somatic teachings for the weekend will be by their nature fluid, explorative, restorative, meditative and influenced by Feldenkrais, Qi Gong and other practices that step away from an emphasis on reaching particular forms or goals within asana. Through embodied awareness, there will be an emphasis on recognising and offering kind attention to the habits and expectations we may spend our time retreading in our work and personal lives. For each session, there will be a short introduction and time for discussion and Q&A at the end.

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As Charlotte is a Senior Yoga Teacher and has Trainer status with Yoga Alliance Professionals, her other workshops and retreats can also count as CPD hours.