Top 5 stress-relieving tips for weight maintenance

Here are my Top 5 suggestions from The De-Stress Effect to bring down stress levels and help your body become more efficient and naturally healthy:

  1. Start your day as you mean to go on; ease into the day and make time for a breakfast that balances blood sugar and stops the highs-and-lows of energy that create stress and tendencies to lay down fat. Sit and fully chew a breakfast that includes protein; eggs, meat, fish, nuts, seeds can all help stop cravings and allow better food choices later in the day.
  2. Laugh, listen to music, chat with friends, socialise, dance, touch, have sex – all healthy ways that naturally release stress hormones and make us feel connected to others. The beta-endorphin happy chemical brain-rush they bring that also helps us stop craving sugar and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol. These have a similar effect, but upset crucial weight factors; appetite, sleep and metabolism.
  3. Always find at least 10 minutes a day for yourself – preferably morning and evening – to just ‘be’. Sit or lie in a comfortable, easy position and allow yourself to just stop and tell your body you’re not in any danger or heightened situation. These signals of safety are crucial for helping us respond better to stress and relax more easily to keep fat-storing stress hormones down. This can be sitting on the sofa, a park bench, lying in the bath………
  4. Walk, walk, walk – this is the best exercise to increase metabolism without raising stress hormones and small bouts often have shown to be more effective at increasing fitness than longer, less-frequent sessions.
  5. Learn to like the cold – this a key factor in becoming more resilient to stress, but also makes the body burn rather than store fat. Heating up too high and not enough contact in natural environments results in a sluggish metabolism and poor adaptation to life’s stresses – meaning you will be more likely to put weight on and have more difficulty taking it off. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can feel more vital and energised by a little ‘good stress’!