Weight Loss Success

Charlotte’s exploration as a nutritionist and yoga teacher of why we can hold on excess weight and just not lose those last stubborn pounds has culminated in her book The De-Stress Diet, written with Anna Magee and featuring diet, movement and lifestyle advice to help ease your way to your ideal weight.

Charlotte’s weight loss ethos:

  • Sustaining regular energy levels helps our bodies become more efficient and increase weight loss
  • How and when we eat is as important as what
  • Eating as we were designed – as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did (aka Paleo Diet) – helps our bodies function optimally and weight loss happen more easily
  • Stress hormones create the modern body shape of ‘fat around the middle’ and reducing stress is the missing weight loss link
  • Sugar cravings and addiction cycles keep us holding onto weight and are often a result of too low healthy fats and quality proteins in our diets
  • Not being inactive is the most important signal to our metabolisms; moving frequently is vital for weight loss


Charlotte takes individuals through the right changes for them with full support to follow and implement the guidelines in The De-Stress Diet for individual needs.

Clinics are in London and Brighton

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