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All you need is a chair for this complete sequence with Charlotte Watts that cleverly moves your body in the major ways yoga poses cover; a twist, forward bend, backbend, standing pose (with balance component) and inversion. Even a short practice can help you connect to body and breath, giving you the best quality break possible. An ironic antidote to the postural issues that long-term sitting on chairs can cause. Stay in the final relaxation as long as you can after the video has finished for most benefit… See Charlotte’s Morning and Evening Yoga Sequences in the shop.

Running time: 8:32 minutes

Charlene Hutsebaut has created a quick, easy and enjoyable workout to do at work or home. Most major movement patterns are included here to help you feel more mobile after sitting at your desk, as well as strengthening and stretching key postural areas. An important aspect to remember is to engage the core muscles (abdominals, back and pelvic floor) to gain the best results.

Running time: 11:00 minutes

This excerpt from my class ‘Releasing the Neck, Jaw and Shoulders’ at Conscious 2 TV is a simple practice to help loosen up the flow of communication between the brain and the pelvis. Being held by the ground means we can create space in the spine without the tension created when we hold ourselves vertically upright from gravity. It’s a lovely soothing, rocking, undulating release through the spine that ripples out to the whole body. Great before any yoga or movement practice to avoid taking our stresses along with us.

Running time: 2:42 minutes