170 hours CPD Further Yoga Teacher Training

This rich, deep and embodied Further Yoga Teacher Training is both a journey into personal practice, and how to take this embodied awareness into meeting others through a therapeutic filter. The therapeutic aspect is drawn through understandings of the feelings, expressions, responses within movement and holding space for the effects of stress, trauma, burnout, anxiety, fatigue and post-illness; all through embodied awareness.

Self-enquiry and self-compassion are key aspects explored for the teacher to be able to take this empathy to others, whilst attending to their own resources and recognising tendencies for compassion fatigue and burnout.

The training comprises of two parts that can be taken in any order or at the same time. This is to help you decide how intense or spacious you study the course and experience the practice. It also offers more scope in terms of spreading out payment and finding dates and locations that suit you.

Somatics is a mostly lying, held, fluid and responsive practice include rocking, rolling, twisting and pulsing. The movements can be practised as moving meditation or fed into a stronger asana practice to support the body’s ease in supporting itself up from gravity. Somatic practices stem from the work of Thomas Hanna that emphasises internal physical perception and experience – and sits well within yoga to support modern body needs. The course also brings in influences from Feldenkrais, Tias Little’s SATYA training, embryology, Anatomy Trains in Motion, Daoist practices and more.

The more theoretical side explores subjects such as fascia, the vagus nerve, trauma, posture, interoception and proprioception, the enteric nervous system, body psychotherapy and language will be woven into a longer story of somatic self-enquiry that can feed into teaching skills. The practical side includes around 30-40 Somatic practices, how to weave those into specific classes and into yoga sequences, as well as the subtle art of teaching language that helps other to move in and meet themselves where they are.

Please note: this is not a Yoga Therapy training, but rather teaching yoga therapeutically – with an emphasis on supporting health and meeting the varied health issues (especially the effects of stress and trauma) that our average students bring along to explore within their practice.

The contact and self-study content totals 170 hours CPD, from these two separate courses, which can be taken in any order and timing. Click through to the links for separate pages on each for dates, prices and more details on content:

  • Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery: moving beyond stress, trauma, burnout, anxiety, fatigue and post-illness through embodied awareness – online/hybrid course the more theoretical, philosophical and enquiring part; there is experience and teaching skills of Somatics within yoga in this part, but with more attention to the nervous system effects, therapeutic approach, language, holding of space, attitudes and mindful attention – 76 hours*
  • Teaching Somatics: the art of leading others inwards towards whole – online/hybrid course the more experiential and practical component, where the teaching skills are more specific towards a set range of Somatic practices (with an embryological focus), how to sequence those, add them into more ‘traditional’ asana and building a repertoire around specific body needs – 70 hours

There will then be future regular days added in from 2021 for graduates to meet as a supportive group and to explore deeper themes.

Watch this 9 minute video for an overview of the courses from Charlotte.

*For full certification of the course, an additional four, day-long workshops in person to make entire course 100 hours. If you have completed the full 5-day Yogacampus training with Charlotte Watts and Leah Barnett (including completing and passing the assessment) on Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Fatigue Conditions, completion of this course can make up 40 hours of the total 100, with extra reading and home exploration of 40 hours to be completed on top, along with an additional four, day-long workshops in person, to satisfy the criteria as a substitute for taking the full Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery part of the full course. If you have done this course as the 6-day module (from 2020), the CPD to take over will 45 hours, with 35 extra to be completed as home study, plus the four, day-long workshops in person.

Cost (payments taken for each element as you go)

Teaching Somatics
£249 full/ £280 instalments
£350 retreat
£80 day workshop on teaching skills specific to Somatics
£80 day workshop on sequencing classes
= £759 or £790 before any discounts or concessions (plus attending class costs for observation c.£30)

Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery
£480 full/ £540 instalments
£80 x 4 day workshops
= £800 or £860 before any discounts or concessions

Frequently Asked Questions: click here

Please email any questions to Charlotte at info@charlottewattshealth.com