Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD:

‘Easy to read, powerful information for both your health and your weight’  

Leading UK nutritionist specialising in women’s health and author of ‘Fat around the Middle’.


Psychologies Magazine:

‘An intelligent, holistic and – most importantly – healthy plan for weight loss that could change the way you eat – and behave – for life.’

Perri Lewis, Editor


Healthy Magazine:

‘This year’s standout diet book’

April 2012 issue

Marie Claire:

‘As much about what we eat, as how we eat – this book is so much more than just another diet plan.’

Charlotte Moore, Deputy Editor


Woman’s Own:

‘Easiest diet ever! The De-Stress diet that leaves you slimmer and calmer for good. This revolutionary diet plan resets your system and shows you how improving nutrition will ease stress while removing excess weight. You’ll keep it off too!’

Jan 16th 2012 issue

Dr Dawn Harper:

‘A practical, easy-to-follow plan from a trusted / leading authority on nutrition and weight loss.’  

GP and presenter of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies


Sainsbury’s Magazine:

‘Inspirational and down-to-earth…’

Helena Lang, Editor


Now Magazine:

‘By teaming a nutrient-rich diet with daily relaxation exercises, you’ll curb your cravings, boost energy levels and start losing weight steadily.’

Diet Now Special Jan 2012


Gary Quinn, Hollywood Life Coach:

‘The De-Stress Diet is a powerful health message, a wake up call which many will find informative and inspiring. It will change your life! A must read for your mind, body and spirit.’ 

Bestselling author & founder of the Touchstone for Life Coaching Program.


Irish Examiner:

‘Unique lifestyle plan for those who want to de-stress and drop weight’

Cover strapline, Feelgood magazine


Talk Radio Europe:

‘It just doesn’t get much better than this – more like a bible you can keep coming back to and dipping into….”

Kenny Jones in interview with Charlotte Watts