The De-Stress Diet

by Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee (Hay House 2012)

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Yes, this book clearly has the word ‘Diet’ in the title, but please don’t think that it is just another diet book. I wrote this with my friend Anna and think I summed it up best in a recent interview I did for Optimum Nutrition Magazine:

“This interest in where nutrition and yoga meet and a long-term exploration of the particular continual psycho-social stresses modern living provokes, lead me to write The De-Stress Diet with the health journalist Anna Magee. I gave Anna a consultation eight years ago and we have been talking stress since, she is also yoga teacher trained and we developed an interest in hunter-gatherer diets, lifestyles and seeking to live life as we evolved whenever we can within this modern context. This book has my heart and soul in it and I am now exploring ways to translate that to working with clients, creating the online support system De-Stress Your Life, as  well as De-Stress Yoga & Health Workshops to help people truly feel what they need and De-Stress Clinics to find workable and affordable alternatives to private consultations.”

I am personally really pleased with both the content of the book and the feedback we have received from the public and therapists alike. I am not a fan of books that have a lot of waffle and very little real practical content, so you’ll find that every page in the De-Stress Diet is packed with nutrition and lifestyle info. But this is also a discussion of how this fits within our over-stimulated modern lives to help relieve the chronic symptoms we are starting to see as ‘normal’; weight gain yes but also anxiety, depression, insomnia, IBS, headaches, skin conditions and fatigue.

We have had much praise for our extensive research and up-to-date references, something we feel strongly about, especially in the pursuit of having complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) taken seriously as the intelligent choice for health care and prevention.

This book is a result of over ten years’ of my work exploring how to live as a ‘Stone-Ager in the Space Age’ and it is how Anna and I live. We demand an enjoyable life with good health and love food and truly wanted to help people cope with the modern world without the damage it can bring; you are allowed to relax, actually we insist!

It’s a wealth of:

  • Accessible scientific info to help you understand what is happening in your body
  • Clear explanations of how our bodies still believe they are living a hunter-gatherer (aka Paleo) life and how including as much dietary and lifestyle factors to suit this can allow us to be most happy and healthy
  • A clear six week plan to kick-start your new lifestyle should you choose
  • Plenty of food and lifestyle advice with troubleshooting tips throughout each phase of the day and recognising the particular challenges in the modern world
  • Specific Stress Suit quizzes to explore and find out how stress is manifesting in your body right now and how to prioritise key points for these at the end of each chapter
  • Supplement advice in clear tables
  • Progress charts to help you chart your way

Here’s the official blurb anyway:

It’s official. Being relaxed and happy can help you lose weight and feel great

Slim and calm. They’re two of the most sought after results people want from a new lifestyle programme, yet what they often get is irritability, increased hunger and weight that refuses to stay off.  Until now.

The De-Stress Diet is a new revolution in eating, exercise and relaxation. By turning the powerful – now well-proven – connection between chronic stress and weight gain to your advantage, it will show you how to eat, breathe and move your way to a better body and a calmer mind for life.  It will:

  • Help you release excess weight and free yourself from the physical and emotional effects of stress without counting calories, starving or over-exercising
  • Bring you the new science of smart, not hard, fitness that energises and calms the body while effectively sculpting it – without exhaustion.
  • Introduce you to high-nutrition, low-stress preparation and cooking strategies that will make healthy eating fit with your life, your family and your diary.

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The De-Stress Diet: The Revolutionary Lifestyle Plan for a Calmer, Slimmer You


6 Week Plan at De-Stress Your Life

Free Support for you through The De-Stress Diet 6 Week Plan at the supporting website from Charlotte Watts and Charlene Hutsebaut – fitness consultant for the book.

Here’s what Charlotte and Charlene say:

Firstly you can subscribe to the free email support plan as you make your way through The De-Stress Diet 6 Week Plan – with weekly and optional daily emails featuring timely advice, tools to help your progress, podcasts, recipes and specific advice for the particular Stress Suit you are wearing and have identified from the book. We also recommend healthy food mentioned in the book that you might not easily find on the high street, videos and audios to help achieve your healthy lifestyle and put you in touch with the people we most trust for the best natural supporting health services. We also have some free videos to fit in yoga and fitness any time.

Then we will support you as you take these changes into the long-term. This is not about faddy dieting or the latest craze, but truly finding what suits you and then learning how to adapt it to suit whatever life throws at you. We will send monthly newsletters discussing the latest research and any information we come across that will help you. We will always keep adding  to our rich resources section for you to use as a constant reference source.

We are always thrilled to hear from you about your De-Stress experiences  or even send us a short 2 minute max video to  – we will publish all that are clean and appropriate.

Please let us know any questions or any topics which you feel need more of a mention – from the book or website.

Good luck and enjoy!

Charlotte and Charlene x