The De-Stress Diet Yoga & Fitness Video Package – Only £8.99

These three videos follow the two De-Stress Yoga sequences with Charlotte Watts and the Strength Training routine with Charlene Hutsebaut from The De-Stress Diet. Suitable for all levels and can be modified for individual needs.

·         Usually £3.99 each – £8.99 for package

·         Approx. 75 minutes total running time


The De-Stress Diet Evening Yoga Video – approx. 25 minutes

This video guides you through the sequence in the book, helping you to connect with the postures through Charlotte Watts’ calming and knowledgeable teaching. It is designed to prepare your brain and nervous system for bed, whilst moving out tensions accumulated throughout the day in joints and muscles. This is a complete short and accessible practise, but you can relax into any of the restorative poses here for up to 20 minutes, maybe pausing the video when you need or doing alone when you choose which suit you most – you’ll see those designated in the book as De-Stress Evening Priority poses.


·         Calm and focused teaching on how techniques to help your brain and body relax and practice poses in a meditative way.

·         Releases the spine, hips and shoulders to relieve any tensions built up from stress and sitting on chairs.

·         If you need some extra De-Stress movement or a longer practice, you can start with the De-Stress Morning Sequence.

·         It is a good idea to be as ready for bed as you can if doing this sequence late at night, so you don’t wake yourself up by cleaning your teeth. It is great to do this practice in your pyjamas.

The De-Stress Diet Morning Yoga Video – approx. 25 minutes

This video guides you through the sequence in the book, bringing the postures to life with Charlotte Watts’ clear and experienced teaching. The sequence is designed to help prepare you to best cope with the stresses of the day and appropriate for anyone feeling the effects of stress. The sequence is designed to open the body in a way that doesn’t shock the nervous system, but encourage muscles to lengthen and strengthen safely to guide your body to the posture that helps its function best.

·         All pose and movement types are covered in an accessible timeframe, helping you physically in terms of posture, hormone balance and muscle tone.

·         Helps you cultivate a breath connection that you can draw upon more and more naturally in the face of daily stresses.

·         Clear guidance to help relax your mind and let the breath rather than the brain, take the lead in our practice.

·         The sequence can be done anytime and works well before the Evening Practice to help move through the stresses of the day before a more restorative practice.

The De-Stress Diet Strength Training Video – approx. 25 minutes

This video guides you through the sequence in the book, motivating you to exercise with Charlene Hutsebaut’s experienced and precise teaching. In this quick & easy toning workout, you will use large movement patterns to burn more calories and use your time efficiently by using major muscle groups in your body.  This is intelligent training that places ‘good stress’ on muscles whilst encouraging good posture.

·         Warm-up and stretches to end are included to make this a safe and effective full work-out.

·         Most “troubled” areas are utilised, targeting chest, abdominals, triceps, back and legs.

·         Different levels to build on as your strength builds are explained.

·         Compound exercises burn more calories.

·         Easy to follow, educated & fun instruction.