Biochemical Laboratory Testing

eggs one yolkIt is my duty as a Nutritional Therapist to recommend testing that would benefit your case, but the choice to do these is completely yours and although they can provide answers that could not be assumed, I can also work effectively without them.

I use a variety of quality laboratory tests that provide evidence-based answers to your health concerns and help me understand what is happening in your body at a biochemical level. Test kits are usually sent to your home and you send off samples directly to the lab. Results are then sent to me and we can discuss the implications, connections with your symptoms and how to best action within a consultation.

Laboratory tests range from around £49 to £250 in price and are paid in addition to the consultations fees. I will advise you on what is most appropriate for you, according to your health concerns and what will give us most useful answers on your budget. Tests can be done in one of two ways:

  • Either: Before a consultation so we have the results to discuss at the initial session – in this instance, order the test kit first and book in your consultation for two weeks after you have sent off the sample. This ensures we have the results back to discuss in your consultation, which will need to be 60 minutes minimum. If you want advice on which to order, please email me at
  • Or: We can discuss which tests may help give us answers to your needs within the first consultation, to then discuss results within the second. This works well, as often the dietary and lifestyle changes you are exploring between the first and second sessions support the findings and we can fine tune diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

I never recommend a test that does not have a valid therapeutic reason ie. it must provides answers that will affect how we work with diet, supplements and lifestyle.

Most commonly used lab tests:

  • Adrenal Stress Index; a 4 sample saliva test that measures your rhythm of the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA over the course of a day and can explain much about burnout, stress-related symptoms, cravings, fatigue, energy dips, sleep and mental health issues.
  • Stool Testing; digestive health is the root to good health and affects all other body systems, including immune, nervous and hormonal. We can test many different factors that may be linked to digestive, immune and stress symptoms, such as beneficial bacteria status, candida, parasites and other infestations and digestive and absorptive capacity.
  • Metabolic Profile Tests; these tests measure metabolites in urine that provide valuable information about how you are producing energy, liver function, antioxidant status, neurotransmitter production and many others – very helpful for difficult cases, mood issues, energy problems and chronic illness.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis; measures mineral levels and shows any toxic metals present. I have many years experience of this test and how to use it to relate to body functions and decide the best course of action to help you most. The best test for an overall inside look into your body and easy to do at home.
  • Food Intolerance Test; home pin-prick blood test to identify foods that may be affecting your health, but are difficult to self-diagnose as an intolerance reaction can happen minutes to days after eating the food and there is usually more than one.
  • Thyroid Profile Tests; lowered thyroid function is seen more commonly in response to stress and poor nutrient status, it can be the underlying cause behind many weight, mood and energy issues.
  • Female Hormone Panel; a 12 sample saliva test taken over the course of the female cycle to show varying levels of the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone, giving you an understanding of why you may suffer from PMS, infertility, PCOS, irregular periods and any other hormone imbalances.
  • Female Hormone Test; for women who do not menstruate, this is a one sample saliva test that shows your levels of the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone to explain and address symptoms.

There are many other tests available, but this gives you an idea of how I approach investigating as much about the cause of your symptoms as possible. These take the guess work out of nutrition, but we can also gain an amazing insight by discussing your symptoms and how you reached them.

To order, use the payment links above and then send me info in the form below of which test you’ve ordered and the address to send the kit:




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