Testimonials for The De-Stress Effect

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Quotes for The De-Stress Effect:

‘’A great follow-up to The De-Stress Diet.  Full of practical tips and advice, with a focus on mindful eating. Easy to read, powerful information for both your health and your weight.’’ – Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health and author of ‘Fat around the Middle.

“Charlotte’s book is my kind of ‘read’ – I defy anyone to read this and not relate it to their own lives and see where there is room for improvement and more importantly to help alleviate that dreaded ‘stress’ that enters all our lives!! I love anything that does no harm, is non-invasive and can only do ‘good’ – and this book is that. Great advice, tips and help on how to really de-stress, and keep healthy and balanced in life. More importantly it just makes sense. Good sense. I am all for it.” – Emma Forbes, broadcaster and writer

“Chronic stress affects everyone, depletes your mental and physical vitality and increases your risk for serious illness. The good news is you can reverse its effects and nurture resilience quickly, and naturally. Charlotte beautifully brings together the science and traditions of nutritional, lifestyle and mind-body medicine in an immediately practical way so you can harness the ‘De-Stress Effect’ and transform your life.” – Benjamin Brown, ND, The British College of Nutrition and Health, Author; The Digestive Health Solution.

“Charlotte’s brilliant book is a gift for everyone suffering from all forms of stress. It explains why your body seems to be rebelling or burning out, and then shows you effective practical approaches to get your life and health back on track.” – Phil Parker, Expert in the Psychology of Health Happiness & Genius, inventor of The Lightning Process

“The De-Stress Effect is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  Personally, I think most people in the Developed World would benefit from reading it!  From cutting-edge, well-researched nutrition to simply put science – balanced with yoga and mindfulness –  this book will help the reader to get to the bottom of what type of stress they are suffering from. Charlotte makes constructive suggestions on how to tackle stress appropriate to six types of ‘stress suits,’ so there is plenty of advice for different types of stress. The simple yet effective solutions described throughout the book will help anyone who reads it discover more health, well-being and calm.” – Fiona Agombar, yoga teacher and author of Beat Fatigue with Yoga

“Charlotte simplifies a complex subject and gets straight to the point. She gives you pioneering techniques which are brilliant, no nonsense.  I can’t recommend The De-Stress Effect highly enough.” – Annie Ashdown, author of The Confidence Factor, co-host of ITV 1’s, Kyle’s Academy.

“With so much frequently conflicting and confusing information available about wellness and nutrition, it was a real pleasure to read Charlotte Watts’ follow-up to The De-Stress Diet and see her offering such clear advice on how to achieve wellness and calm in The De-Stress Effect.  Solidly referenced and evidenced by sound science, you won’t find any gimmicky or faddy advice here.  Instead, there are very clear guidelines offered to help you develop an effective stress management toolkit, using exercise, yoga, mindfulness meditation and excellent nutrition appropriately for different stress ‘types’ to find balance in a busy life.  The morning and evening routines for introducing a less frenzied approach to your day are well worth exploring, and the principles for putting together healthy meals allow plenty of flexibility for different preferences and timescales.  The yoga sequences are also clearly illustrated and easy to follow, even for complete beginners. I will be recommending The De-Stress Effect to my coaching, yoga and nutrition clients.” – Tracy Johnson, yoga teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, career, confidence and wellness coach

“A truly holistic system for health, joy and wellbeing – easy to work through or dip into again and again to find ease within modern living. Charlotte deftly explains how to weave mindfulness into nutrition, yoga and exercise to create a rich experience to find out what really suits you and how to enjoy finding out!” – Martin Clark, editor of Om Magazine

“Stress shuts us down: psychologically, emotionally and physically, cutting off our natural senses and killing our joy. Charlotte shows us how we can easily re-connect, get refreshed, excited and back in our natural flow in really accessible and enjoyable ways.” – Gemini Adams, author of The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox

“This is an invaluable book if you are a yoga practitioner, physical therapist or someone looking to find answers as to why you are feeling the way you are. There is so much information out there now but I believe if you are going to buy one book that encapsulates everything you need to know, whether you keep having recurrent health issues or physical injuries or if you are stuck in a rut and just can’t find an effective solution then this is the book to get. This book will support you from start to finish and be there to refer to for the future, it is an essential companion in understanding yourself and how you can make the right decision towards a life that you know you want. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, which is why I insist that my clients, who are looking for long term solutions, get a copy of this.” – Graham Stones, Former National Kung-fu Champion, Sports Injury Therapist for the English National Ballet and director of Broken Yogi

“Charlotte Watts is a health guru with a difference – she is interested in not just curing what ails you, but in ensuring you don’t fall sick in the first place. In The De-Stress Effect, she reveals what effects stress can have on you, helps you evaluate if you’re in a stress loop and what type of stress you’re suffering from, and then shows you in a very practical way how to deal with your particular brand of stress through a combination of the right nutrition, the right mind-set, and the right yoga sequences. This is a fantastically comprehensive way to change your life for the better – without faddy diets or punishing exercise regimes. Highly recommended for all.” – Tania Ahsan, former editor, Kindred Spirit and author of The Brilliant Book of Calm