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herbal tea and teapotHow to have a holiday every day

In Charlotte’s first blog as one of the esteemed spa site Wahanda’s Expert Panel, she reminds us that it is the little daily things, not the odd half-yearly holiday that will keep us sane and healthy….

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10 Ways to De-Stress and Weigh Less

Charlotte Watts gives visitors to the fabulous site the low-down on 10 simple tips to keep stress levels down and help support weight loss, appetite, cravings and energy…

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10 Stress-busting Foods

Anna Magee and Charlotte Watts lend De-Stress support to The Vitality Show’s website with their round-up of the best ten foods to help you cope with life’s ups and downs.

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Prioritising Relaxation to Keep the Weight Off Long-term

Charlotte Watts joins the team at the site dedicated to supporting people after weight loss surgery. The advice in this first of her regular monthly contributions is important for anyone wanting to stay slim – being kind to yourself and enjoying life is a vital part of the puzzle!

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Stress that makes you old, stress that keeps you young

Chronic stress makes us old before our time but the right kind of stress could keep us young. Pioneering new book, The De-Stress Diet will show you the difference and the simple diet, relaxation and gentle exercise you need for a calmer, slimmer future………

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Salad doesn’t have to be dull

The esteemed health journalist Helen Foster extolls the virtues of The De-Stress Diet and in particular, our practical suggestion of the delicious and satisfying four-layered salad……….

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10 Common foods that are proven to reduce stress

Eight years ago, journalist Anna Magee came to nutritional therapist Charlotte Watts desperate for a diet and fitness plan that would help relieve stress while shedding excess pounds……..

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How stress is making you fat

Discover what scientists have known for 20 years: that stress is the missing link in the weight loss equation and addressed at last in The De-Stress Diet…….

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Exercise ‘can be empowering’

Exercise that is fun, enjoyable and realistic can significantly help to empower people, according to one expert. Charlene Hutsebaut, exercise expert for The De-Stress Diet, said the feeling of being in control when working out is a good confidence booster for many…….

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Deepen your stretch with yoga equipment

Props are an important part of a body-intelligent yoga practice because they offer support and resistance, helping us move away from a forceful and ambitious approach, says Yoga Teacher and The De-Stress Diet author Charlotte Watts…….

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People ‘should detox gradually’

Charlotte Watts explains that if people rush things then liver function becomes disrupted and this can result in a toxic backlog, which is the reason many feel ill during a detox……

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Tips on new year detoxing

Nutritional therapist, author and founder of Charlotte Watts explained how it is important to detox step by step……

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