The De-Stress Effect cover without endorsement rgbIf you have already bought The De-Stress Effect, you can receive extra help along your journey from Charlotte Watts and also Charlene Hutsebaut, the fitness consultant on the book.

Sign up to the 6 week programme below to support your journey with The De-Stress Effect. You will receive supporting, well-timed regular tips – 3-4 weekly emails, with articles, podcasts and tools. You will then be automatically added to monthly newsletters, for which you will be offered the option to unsubscribe if not for you.

On day one, you will receive the following tools mentioned in the book:

  • De-Stress Supplement Guide ebook
  • Meditations and Body Scan

It is best to sign-up when you’re fully ready to start; for some of you this is when you have read the whole book cover-to-cover and understood all the implications. At the other end of the spectrum, you may be the kind of person who skims to find the pertinent info and then wants to dive right in! So have a read and decide when you’re ready to start – a weekend is a good idea, so get the shopping in and give yourself some space to explore.

See the book on Amazon if you don’t yet have a copy in your hands!

However you decide to start, here are three key tips:

  1. If you’re the dive-in type, read Chapters Three (Enjoy Each Moment) and Six (6 Weeks to De-Stress Eating) to get the beginning essentials of the book’s action points.
  2. See the handy Meal Plans to set you off on the right track: 7 Day Meal Plan and Vegetarian 7 Day Meal Plan (both are good for non-veggies to mix and match) and the free ebook: De-Stress Eating: 7 Day Meal Plan.
  3. Buy the accompanying De-Stress Yoga and Fitness videos to help you with the sequences in the book.


Sign up for my Free 6 Week Programme to support The De-Stress Effect

Sign up to the 6 week plan which supports your journey with The De-Stress Effect. You will receive supporting, well-timed tips, articles, podcasts and tools – about 2-3 times a week, for 6 weeks. We will then automatically send you monthly newsletters, for which you will be offered the option to unsubscribe if not for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We will send you the first email starting the day after you sign up, so be sure you are ready to start or do the preparation you need and please come back!


Links to other resources mentioned in The De-Stress Effect: