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bowl of almondsAlmonds are a terrific source of vegetarian protein and fibre, helping to regulate blood sugar and hunger levels, making them a perfect snack for energy, mood, concentration and natural weight control. Almonds contain a good dose of the omega 6 oils that can stabilise mood changes associated with PMS. They also contain high levels of the monounsaturated and oleic oils so representative of the Mediterranean diet and also found in olive oil, walnuts and avocadoes; extensive studies have shown that eating almonds regularly lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and also reduces the risk of heart disease, gallstones and diabetes. They are also rich in copper, manganese, vitamin B2 and vitamin E.

Almonds are particularly effective at balancing blood sugar, which means that they will help you to resist those cravings for chocolate and caffeine. The nutrients in them will also help to produce energy and break the cycle of “highs and lows” and still leave you feeling satisfied. Either carry some raw, unsalted almonds with you for the perfect snack or try Meridian Almond Butter on rye crackers or toast if at home.

Raw almonds can also be soaked to improve their digestibility and enable the body to access the nutrients more easily – just cover with water in a glass airtight jar and replace the water every 2 days. Add more water to these and blend to make almond milk, the amount of water to almonds is up to your taste.

Ground almonds are also referred to as almond flour as they are a fantastic alternative to flour that can be used to replace wheat and other grains in cooking, to lower gluten intake and increase the healthy oil and protein amounts.

  • High in phytosterols that stop cholesterol absorption and support immunity to stay youthful.
  • They have the perfect 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio for muscle and brain reactions.
  • Vitamin E lubricates the skin, keeping it firm and protected from age spots.
  • They are also the only true alkalising nut, keeping the body’s detoxification processes working to their healthy best.

Did you know?….. There is evidence of humans growing almond trees from 3000-2000 BC and almonds were found in the Egyptian pharaoh Tutenkhamun’s tomb dated 1325 BC.

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