Me-time 2 – 15 minutes

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See the article Me-Time 1 – 5 minutes for the first step in this exercise.

The first month has now gone by and hopefully you have been able to find 5 minutes in the morning for your “me time”. Now I would like to take it one step further. I would like you to spend another 10 minutes on yourself. Remember, it is only fifteen minutes in total (of course you can always do more). If you really can’t manage it in the morning try and do it in the evening even if it means in you practice this method before you sleep. However, the very act of making time for yourself means that you are beginning to believe you are worth looking after.

If you are able to spare time in the morning you can, if you wish, read a paper or massage your feet. It’s up to you as long as it is something you wouldn’t normally do for yourself that makes you feel relaxed and calm. However, something that may be even more beneficial to your progress will be spending some time re-programming your mind to accept a more calm and confident you. This is a very important step to the process of taking control over stress levels and achieving a more relaxed lifestyle.

Relax your body…

You may initially wish to relax your body. Feel free to experiment! For example, focus on your feet and say to yourself, “my feet and my ankles are relaxed” then your calves “my calves are relaxed”, “my thighs and bottom are relaxed”, “my stomach is relaxed” and work your way up your body. Really begin to feel your body relax.

You may decide to imagine a beautiful warm golden glow encasing your feet, then your calves, your thighs, your stomach, chest, back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers until your whole body is relaxed and wrapped in a beautiful warm golden glow (or whatever colour is relaxing for you).

Utilise the wonderful power of your imagination. It doesn’t matter how you relax your body, as long as it is easy and comfortable for you to do. There are no rights or wrongs when you do this. It is your time to relax so do what you feel is right for you.