Food Focus: Raspberries

Did You Know

Raspberries have the highest fibre content of any fruit, making up around 20% of their total weight and increasing their healthy potential.

Raspberries have one of the highest antioxidant content of any fruit, with a high vitamin C and proanthocyanidin content.

Raspberries are packed with the red/purple antioxidant proanthocyanidins, found in all berries and apples. They are the most abundant antioxidant in the plant kingdom and support circulation, so that with vitamin C, they may help memory function, heart, vein and skin vitality, as well as support healthy hair growth. Studies suggest that raspberries may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia conditions, also with useful effects on mood and concentration. Raspberries have the highest food content of ellagic acid, another antioxidant that also supports liver detoxification, along with fibre helping to rid the body of damaging and ageing toxic build-up.

  • Ellagic acid moves bile through the liver, helping to regulate cholesterol and prevent gallstone formation.
  • Low starch and fibre content also helps to regulate blood sugar, making them a perfect energy sustaining foodstuff to reduce the cravings that can lead to weight gain.
  • High antioxidant capacity comes from substances such as quercetin, catechins, gallic acid and salycilic acid and helps prevent premature ageing.
Practical Tip

Raspberries can be used in the blender to make smoothies straight from the freezer. Like most berries they have been less adulterated by breeding methods than most fruit so have a naturally lower sugar content as their tart taste suggests. In summer buy from local growers for the highest nutrient content and choose darkest colours if you pick yourself for the highest proanthocyanidin content.

Total fat0.65 g
Protein1.2 g
Carbohydrate11.94 g
Fibre6.5 g
Vitamin C26.2 mg
Potassium151 mg
Lutein136 mcg

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