Quick tips to help you de-stress before, during and after work

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Sometimes, given how demanding our jobs can be at times, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have some proven go-to methods to help you manage your stress levels, whether you’re about to go to work, already there, or you’re home after a long day at the office. Here’s a few that work quite well.

The Morning: 

Have a good breakfast, and ensure that you got a good eight hours of sleep the night before. Being tired and suffering from an empty stomach means that whatever you’re doing at work is going to be reliant on stress hormones and not sustainable energy. Also, create some space around the “go go go” mentality – eat breakfast mindfully, listen to the radio rather than switching on the TV and have a little reading time. Getting something done such as checking the latest updates on Aviva Health, a supermarket order or banking, can give you a sense of achievement that can help generally ease yourself into the day.

At Work: 

When you’re actually at the office, there are little tricks that people use to get through the day with low stress levels. Stress balls to squeeze, a walk away from your desk and some dedicated breathing breaks. Also, ensuring you eat a good, healthy lunch is also going to ensure that you feel energised and focussed throughout the afternoon, helping avoid turning to those sugar, junk or high caffeine fixes.

At Home: 

The moment you get home, do a few tasks that help you feel on top of life without hesitating. Tidy a bit, put out the rubbish – start making some food and if hungry, have a small healthy snack like olives or nuts to ensure you aren’t too hungry to make best choices fo dinner. Once it’s all done, you can eat, relax, and do whatever you do at home that allows you to unwind, followed by a reasonable set time to go to sleep. And with that, you’re done! Repeat five times a week for lower stress levels!