The Comparative Protein Content of Plant Foods

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Being vegetarian, vegan or even eating little animal produce for health reasons can still provide us with proteins. The added bonus of receiving your proteins from these sources is that they are more alkalising, contain fibre to help you to digest and absorb the amino acids within and contain abundant nutrients, especially minerals and antioxidants.

The percentage rate for each plant food below is the approximate calorific amount of energy received from protein. Vary your sources for a good spread of amino acids and to achieve complete proteins eaten in a day. Limit soy to several times a week in light of recent research of its detrimental effects on hormones levels in larger amounts; favour the fermented forms as eaten traditionally in the East – tofu, miso, tempeh. Cross-referencing these sources to find the most akalising protein sources is always a good recipe for health – note what fantastic health superfoods spinach and watercress are.


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