Barriers to regular exercise

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The De-Stress Diet Trouble Shooting Special

“I don’t have any time to exercise.”

  • Pull out your diary and take a serious look at your week.
    • Where are there gaps?
    • Where can you make time?
    • Who can help you make time?
  • Choose 2 half hour slots to fit in your fitness activities.
  • Revisit this process every Sunday night or another time of your choice during the week which feels like a starting point so that you plan when your activities will slot in.

“I am not fit enough to do these activities.”

  • The whole reason you have chosen to start exercising is to get fit.  The guidance you receive in The De-Stress Diet and via this site will be measured and safe. So get started.

“I have no equipment to use.”

  • If you have no equipment and would prefer not to buy any, use cans of soup at home, moving to bigger ones when you feel stronger.
  • Purchase some dumbbells and tubing with handles at your local shop or online.
  • Join a gym if you don’t already have one.  This choice is not for everyone so make sure you feel comfortable with it before spending the money.

“I hated gym class as a kid and exercise still fills me with terror.”

  • It is not gym class anymore. This is your life, you have control over what is happening.
  • Identify which activities you did not like and choose not to do those or, try them with a friend now and see if you react differently as  you are older and are in a situation of your choosing.

“I have an injury which I am worried about.”

  • Consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist before moving into an activity plan.  They will be very realistic about when you are ready to start.