There is a huge amount of information in The De-Stress Effect, but here I go a little further, adding all the stuff I couldn’t fit in about nutrition, movement, yoga and lifestyle. My blog is regularly updated and you can see the new entries added into my Facebook Page. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover and we’ll do our best to help. Sign up for my newsletter for regular extras and a free ebook: De-Stress Eating: 7 Day Meal Plan.

Eat – what, where, how to nutrition

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In this nutrition section you’ll find all the extras promised throughout The De-Stress Effect, more in-depth info and regular nutritional science updates – all to feed your interest in why healthy food is the best way forward and make this the most enjoyable route possible. This follows the ethos and thinking behind hunter-gatherer diets and finding how to assimilate this to a modern, accessible equivalent. Finding practical, realistic ways to eat healthily can help you stick with it because it makes you feel good!

Also see the Recipes Directory for tasty and simple-to-make meals, snacks and therapeutic foods.



Move – exercise & natural fitness

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The best fitness recreates movements in line with our body design; continual movement and exercise that helps reduce – not create more – stress hormones. Intelligent fitness involves active rest and science backs up our need to not just keep flogging our bodies, but letting them build back up for good strength and injury-free resilience. In this way you can enjoy using your body in the way that makes you feel great.




Breathe – yoga, meditation & calm

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This section is all things relating to mindful awareness – yoga, breathing and meditation info to help you find a way to connect to your breath and body. This is key to helping keep us just living ‘above the neck’ in the overstimulated and thinking-focussed modern world. Prioritising dropping control and letting the breath take over even for a minute a day can have profound effects and can be just the start…




Nurture – self care & pampering

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Looking after ourselves is key to The De-Stress Effect principles. This doesn’t mean just vegging out on the sofa but also considering what we might need to help us navigate the modern world on emotional, physical and self-care levels. This section helps give you ideas about how you might look after yourself in the ways that you need as an individual. Adds to the recommendations in the book to find ways to help you cope and recover in the modern world.