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Yoga for Anxiety and Stress DVD


Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

All-level classes from leading expert Charlotte Watts, that use a holistic approach to gently, but effectively, relieve anxiety and stress.

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The DVD features 5 classes:

1) Joint Release – Charlotte teaches you how to release whole body tension, using movements through all of the major joints.

2) Releasing Neck, Jaw & Shoulders  A series of movements and stretches that relieve tension in the upper back and shoulders.

3) Loosening Movements to Relieve Anxiety  Charlotte takes you through a range of postures that lessen up the the shoulders and hips.

4) Restorative Sequence with Mindfulness – Learn to calm anxiety through mindful attention in deeply calming restorative poses.

5) Energising Without Agitiating  A simple sequence to wake up the body for connected revlitalisation rather than over-stimulation.

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“This is a great DVD for people who are looking for a range of yoga sequences to use for relaxation any time of day and who find it difficult to get to a yoga class. The video and sound quality are excellent and Charlotte gives very clear instructions which are easy to follow and ensure safe practice. She explains all the positions and minimises the use of technical terms, all of which she explains. The sequences range from longer to shorter and are nearly as good as being in a class, although face to face instruction obviously gives you the opportunity for personal adjustments. They are brilliant for loosening up neck, shoulder and hip joints after a day at a desk, for freeing lower back tension and the mindful sequence is very helpful to persuade busy brains to relax, so perfect for anyone feeling stressed or anxious. The twists and stretches are gentle but do a genuinely good job and Charlotte flags up alternatives for anyone who is less mobile. I would recommend it to anyone new to yoga or to people who already have an established practice and want some home resources.”



View samples of the DVD

Introduction to Yoga for Anxiety and Stress


Spine Undulations (Loosening Movements video)