Yoga Retreats

Taking time away from everyday life to find calm, peace and well-being can have long-lasting health and happiness effects. Charlotte’s retreats combine yoga and mindfulness, often with an optional nutritional talk and silent walk. LEARN MORE

Yoga Workshops

Charlotte’s regular Mindful & Somatic Yoga Workshops provide the time and space to fully explore how you feel and how your body needs to move. Recognising that modern stress can have us living up in our heads, reconnecting with your intuition from your belly and breath can help you find peace outside the mat. LEARN MORE

Yoga Classes

Through mindful and somatic yoga practices, Charlotte’s classes are known for their focus on awareness and kind attention; to feel what you need and the compassion to work with your breath – to bring you back to whole. You will be guided on how to let them unfold with kindness, space and breath. LEARN MORE

Further Trainings for Yoga Teachers

Charlotte is a Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer certified with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She runs various courses for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and other health professionals with yoga experience, including modules for Yogacampus on teaching for Stress and Burnout, Chronic Fatigue/ ME and Digestive Health. She also runs a course on Yoga and Somatics for Healing and Recovery and days on the content of her latest book, Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health. Charlotte lectures for The Minded Institute and is on the faculty for the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma. LEARN MORE

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Jack Kornfield

Charlotte uses the principles of yoga within her nutrition work to help people uncover the root causes of health problems; as she specialises in stress and trauma-related issues, yoga’s focus on calming and working with the nervous system perfectly complements her therapy work.

Her yoga practice and teaching focuses on connection with body and breath to find depth and opening. Moving tension from the body and stilling the mind in this way helps us both cope with and recover from the busy world around us.

Reconnect to your body at a pace that suits you.

Classes include yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation – all at levels and depths that can be modified to suit individual needs. Props are used to help the body open up and support muscles that need protection as they are encouraged to strengthen at a safe rate.

Moving tension from the body and stilling the mind in this way helps us both cope with and recover from a wide range of conditions, including stress-related illnesses, ME and chronic fatigue syndrome.


“Charlotte is a sympathetic teacher with a gift for passing on as much of her expertise as her pupils can manage. She is patient, intelligent, clear-sighted and dedicated to her subject. She runs a yoga class specifically designed for anyone needing de-stress and recovery and it’s proved a boon to me and others, helping us to return to health and exercise in a gentle and positive way. I recommend her very highly.” – Alison Smith, London 



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