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The De-Stress Effect is a new revolution in eating, exercise and relaxation that will return you to vibrant health by gently bringing balance back to your body and your life.



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This new book is the update to The De-Stress Diet with oodles more mindfulness and yoga content, a whole new chapter on food cravings, weaving in the latest neuroscience and moving the emphasis away from mainly weight loss (although a side-effect if you need!) and out to creating a fully holistic system.

My aim has been to offer a resource that can take you through a transformative process to find new relationships with your body, food and health attitudes. The layout is such that you can also just dip into or use as a tool to draw you back easily if life’s demands leave you feeling like you’ve lost your way.

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Free 7 Day Meal Plan for The De-Stress Effect

Sign up and download the FREE E-BOOK: De-Stress Eating: 7 Day Plan with a whole week’s worth of simple and tasty recipes to play around with (with vegetarian options for all), including breakfasts, packed lunch ideas, options for gluten-free, dairy-free and no grain/carb, as well as nutritional info.

You will find meals to throw together simply and easily as you go along your De-Stress Effect journey – remember to note down which meals worked for you in terms of taste, satisfaction, digestion and practicality.


Download the De-Stress Meditations: Calming in Belly and Heart

De-Stress-Meditations-CD-cover-300x300  A collection of meditations designed to draw you into your body and help calm the chattering monkeys

and stress responses that can cause us so much tension.

  1. Nourishing the Heart 4.17
  2. Belly Focus Meditation 10.39
  3. Body Scan 17.21
  4. Metta Bhavana – loving-kindness 9.07
  5. Walking Meditation 6.52

downloadable album: total running time 48:16 minutes


Book Reviews

Charlotte’s book is my kind of ‘read’ – I defy anyone to read this and not relate it to their own lives and see where there is room for improvement and more importantly to help alleviate that dreaded ‘stress’ that enters all our lives!! I love anything that does no harm, is non-invasive and can only do ‘good’ – and this book is that. Great advice, tips and help on how to really de-stress, and keep healthy and balanced in life. More importantly it just makes sense. Good sense. I am all for it. Emma Forbes, TV and radio presenter

“A truly holistic system for health, joy and wellbeing – easy to work through or dip into again and again to find ease within modern living. Charlotte deftly explains how to weave mindfulness into nutrition, yoga and exercise to create a rich experience to find out what really suits you and how to enjoy finding out!” Martin Clark, editor of Om Magazine

“Chronic stress affects everyone, depletes your mental and physical vitality and increases your risk for serious illness. The good news is you can reverse its effects and nurture resilience quickly, and naturally. Charlotte beautifully brings together the science and traditions of nutritional, lifestyle and mind-body medicine in an immediately practical way so you can harness the ‘De-Stress Effect’ and transform your life.” Benjamin Brown ND, The British College of Nutrition and Health, author of The Digestive Health Solution