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PLEASE NOTE: Charlotte is not taking on any new clients until further notice.

Book a consultation time slot here with the following process:

  1. Pay for your chosen amount of time with the Paypal links below or via bank transfer – all consultations are on a Wednesday or Friday; contact me via the form at the bottom of this page if you are a key worker and need to do another day.
  2. Book in your time slot in the diary system below – as these consultations are via Skype, Zoom or phone, you can spread out in time chunks as you wish (eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly) with a minimum of 60 minutes at a time. The amount you choose is just for the first consultation, you do not need to book in the whole amount of time you have paid for – this will have been noted and follow-up consultations booked as we go along.
  3. When you book in your time slot, you will be asked for your contact details (secure) and further information.

Consultation and Package prices during Covid-19 crisis:  

I have set two price levels for these extenuating times and will trust you to decide which applies to you; one for those on a low income or who suddenly have reduced income, and the other for those able to afford a bit more. Please choose what you can pay honestly – I want to both help others and continue to be able to make some kind of living!

60 minute consultation: £85

90 minute consultation: £120

2 consultation package (2.5 hours): £195

3 consultation package (3.5 hours): £260


You can also pay any of the above via bank transfer to:

Ms Charlotte Watts

Cooperative Bank

Sort: 089299

Account: 69243840

See details of my consultations and health packages here.

Bookings are non-refundable, but can be transferred if needed directly through Charlotte on 

herbal tea and teapotHere the questions you will be asked upon booking – you can either fill them in during that process or send on separately to 

How are you feeling at the moment?

What would you like to discuss in your consultation?

Do you have any diagnosed conditions?

Are you currently taking any supplements?

Are you currently taking any medications?

Which health conditions are in your family?

Can you send a typical day’s diet?

Are you currently exercising and if so, what kind and how often?

Can you describe your current stress levels and mental states?

Do you have a regular meditation, mindfulness or similar practice?

Anything else you would like me to know?

Would you prefer to do your consultation by Skype (audio or video), Zoom (video call) or phone?

How did you hear about me?

Book Your Consultation Time Slot

Follow the steps below to book directly into my diary.



Please ensure you have paid before your booking time – consultations cannot happen without pre-payment. I also need to receive your info at least 3 hours before the start time. 

If you need to rearrange your consultation time, please do so with 24 hours’ notice or contact me if an emergency transpires or you need to transfer your consultation to another person.