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How I Can Support You:

beautiful fruitA nutrition consultation is an in-depth investigation of your individual body needs, but changing diet alone cannot address health issues fully. I add in knowledge of breath, posture, movement, meditation and mindfulness for a more holistic understanding and scope of the advice I can offer; either in relation to your current lifestyle habits (eg yoga or meditation practice) or those you are ready to start.

Consultations are designed to find the best tips, plans and strategies for you – not just when you are ‘being good’ but also when stress hits and it becomes more of a challenge to look after yourself.

There are several levels of package you can choose, depending of the level of support and investigation you need – see more info here. Time frames for long-term change and addressing issues such as burnout, fatigue issues, autoimmunity, IBS, anxiety and sleep are usually best achieved over a 3 month period.

In a first consultation, we will agree a framework so you can feel free to ask questions and check-in via email or phone between consultations as works best for you. It is vital for motivation and body awareness that you feel fully supported and understand the reasons behind any changes you feel. All communications between us are completely confidential.

The Consultation Process:

  • Initially you fill in a questionnaire, so that we know where to begin in discussion of your diet, health history, family history, lifestyle, routines and any other relevant areas.
  • I will then explain exactly what I feel is happening within your body systems from a functional perspective – ie how this links to areas within your health that you wish to address.
  • The important part is then discussion to find the dietary and lifestyle changes to be implicated over a specific time frame. These are discussed to find a realistic pace and practical level that you feel is achievable and therefore motivational. We can build this up as you feel able, but no guilt or pressure will be enforced upon you to change – this your decision. I produce a comfortable working plan with clear goals and I make you aware of the positive changes that you can experience.
  • Advice offered can include best food choices throughout the day for sustained energy, when to eat around exercise, how to help get to sleep, daily calming breathing exercises, starting a meditation practice, best exercise choices to cope with stress, best healthy sweet treats when cravings hit – whatever you need to build a clear framework for healthy habits that work for you and depending on the package you choose – see more info here.
  • I also recommend any supplements and tests that will be appropriate and help you to achieve positive change within your budget – see the Testing page for more info. These are not included within the consultation price and as such will be agreed at a level with which you are comfortable.
  • Any testing arranged at the first consultation is then discussed during the follow-up or we can do these before I see you to have the full picture. This is most useful for Adrenal Stress Profile tests where fatigue, burnout, insomnia and/or anxiety is present.
  • Between consultations, you are able to email me for advice and explanation as you experience any changes or any queries come up.

NB: I always check for any drug-nutrient reactions for safety and to also help to minimise side effects and support any nutrient depletion that occur with some medications.

According to BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) Professional Guidelines 2010:

The role of the nutritional therapist:

Nutritional therapists recognise that each person is an individual with unique dietary and nutritional requirements. These requirements depend on a number of factors, ranging from inherited strengths and weaknesses to lifestyle and environment. Nutritional Therapy is a process driven modality. Nutritional therapists work with the client to assess nutritional status and functional capacity in order to manage chronic health problems and advise on disease prevention. The nutritional therapist will take a comprehensive client history, and may use biochemical and other types of clinical assessment to formulate an individualised nutritional therapy programme.



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