Charlotte Watts talks corporate nutritionI’m Charlotte Watts and I am passionate about helping people through stressful phases in their lives; when stress, heavy emotional demands, a recent event or years of pushing the envelope seem to converge (often suddenly) in feeling depleted and often seeing ‘stress signs’ as body functions don’t quite feel in balance.

I believe that nutrition is one of the most important foundations for health and enjoyment of life, but that alone it cannot create an optimally functioning body. My own practices and teaching of yoga, movement, mindfulness, meditation and breath techniques have shown myself and countless clients that a holistic approach to well being is necessary to find balance and resilience.

If you’re struggling to cope right now, you’ll already know that you need to make simple changes that you can progress, make life easier and relieve health issues. I can help ensure that these slot into your life to ease into a new long-term view.

A bit about me

I am a Nutritional Therapist with over 10 years’ experience, Yoga Teacher with nearly 20 years’ practice and teaching since 2006. I won the CAM Award for Outstanding Practice in 2012. I am also author of books such as The De-Stress Effect and 100 Foods to Stay Young. I have lectured for top UK nutritional colleges and write regularly for the national press. I help people that I understand – those with busy lives and quick brains who often find it difficult to switch off. Modern life and our ‘fixing and doing’ drive can be rewarding and motivate us to succeed but often leave us showing symptoms of poor health and with little energy, space and time for recovery. Rigorous scientific knowledge alongside an intuitive and realistic approach allows me to advise the best dietary and lifestyle changes to address your issues.

How I work

Nutritional Therapy is about understanding your body and exploring the best dietary changes to suit your individual needs. As a 500 hour trained yoga teacher, I also incorporate relevant aspects of how lifestyle considerations (like mindfulness, natural movement, posture and breathing) can add into a fully rounded lifestyle package to help you find the best way to find vitality, energy and enjoyment in life.

I work from the nutrition, breath, movement and postural principles I have thoroughly researched and laid out from years of experience, culminating in The De-Stress Effect – not just what to eat, but how to eat and move through life as nature designed us. A copy of this book given with each consultation gives you a guide to refer to any time, with the consultation process exploring exactly what you need and can achieve in your life as an individual at this given time for best results.

I work with you to identify the underlying reasons for any health concerns you may have. Looking at how the body functions as a whole allows me to make connections between what you eat, how you live, your family history and the factors that have influenced your health. We can then find practical and realistic diet and lifestyle changes to build on at the right pace for you; at the same time meeting your needs, personal tastes and budget.

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The Official Stuff:
  • Winner of CAM Award for Outstanding Practice 2012
  • Member of British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and adhere to their codes of practice and continual learning
  • Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Registered Practitioner
  • Have tutored at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and lectured at the College of Naturopathic Medicine; now lecturing for The Minded Institute and mentoring other practitioners.
  • 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher with additional training for CFS/ stress/ mental health/ burnout

I am a qualified and insured Nutritional Therapist; I studied at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition, London where I was also a second year Tutor for three years and Year 3 Programme Leader.

I have been practicing full-time as a Nutritional Therapist since September 2001 and teaching yoga since 2006, in which time I have seen an enormous variety of people become healthier, happier and feeling more in control of their lives.

I am the author of many books on nutrition and lifestyle, including  The De-Stress Diet written with award-winning health journalist Anna Magee. This book is a culmination of my continued exploration of the effect that everyday modern living and emotional stressors have on our energy, health, weight and mood. Helping individuals to live as their genes have evolved is an important part of my nutritional practice. Marrying this with reality and practicality helps people achieve their health goals. Helping people foster mindfulness in everyday life is a crucial part of this equation.

My Story

Having been plagued by health problems all my life, I made the connection that nutrition was the ideal career whilst finding it was vastly improving the quality of my own life. Feeling surprised that this information wasn’t readily available and wishing to share this information with others lead me to make a life-changing decision. I am dedicated to looking at the person as a whole and finding dietary and lifestyle changes that can make the most difference to your outlook and motivation. This is not just about food, but our attitudes to the whole of our lives and the way we live them.

I was the expert/ presenter on GMTV’s Beach Body Boot Camp 2010 and Series 3 of the hit BBC3 series Freaky Eaters. I am Head Nutritionist and Director of the company De-Stress Ltd, see www.de-stressyourlife.com

I am author of the book The Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids, 100 Foods to Stay Young and 100 Best Foods for Pregnancy – see Books section

I am a regular contributor to magazines like Optimum Nutrition, Red and Zest and have regular columns in the NHS Your Choice magazine and Om Magazine.

More info:

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Nutrition & Yoga based Continuing Professional Development attended:

  • June 2013 – Donna Farhi Workshops: The Fluid Body & The Psoas
  • March 2013 – Teaching Yoga from the Organs (Judith Lasater – Yoga Campus)
  • Jan-Mar 2013 – Mindfulness in Yoga 8 week course (Cathy Mae Karelse & Dr Gail E Davies)
  • Oct 2012 – Yoga & the Lymphatic System (Tias Little – Yoga Campus)
  • Oct 2012 – Skull-sacrum polarity (Tias Little – Yoga Campus)
  • Oct 2012 – Yoga for the Brain & Mental Health Conference (The Minded Institute)
  • April 2012 – Sedentary Death Syndrome (Bonusan)
  • May 2011 – Globesity Seminar (Bonusan)
  • May 2011 – The Pancreas (Bonusan)
  • March 2009 – Why we eat what we eat – The psychology of choice (Royal Society of Medicine)
  • Feb 2009 – Teaching Yoga for CFS/ME & ‘Burn-out’ (Fiona Agombar)
  • April 2008 – Advanced Bio-Typing Seminar (Equilibria)
  • April 2007 – Bio-Typing Seminar (Equilibria)
  • July 2006 – Food for the Brain (Institute for Psychiatry)
  • June 2006 – GI and Stool Testing (Nutri)
  • May 2006 – Anxiety and Stress (Dr Lyra Heller)
  • May 2006 – Herbs for Nutrition (Liz Shannon – ION)
  • May 2006 – Dietary Supplements and Health (Royal Society of Medicine)
  • April 2006 – Cancer & Current Research (Dr Julian Kenyon – ION)
  • April 2006 – Phytoestrogens and Current Research (Dr Margaret Ritchie – ION)
  • March 2006 – Current Research and Genomic Testing (Dr Michael Culp – ION)
  • February 2006 – Phytonutrients and Current Research (Dr Yelena York – ION)
  • January 2006 – Autism and Nutritional Intervention (5 days at Kirkman Laboratories – personal tuition)
  • July 2005 – Adrenals & Thyroid (IWDL)
  • October 2005 – Naturopathic Tools (Holistic Health College)
  • October 2005 – Amino Acids Unravelled (Solgar)
  • October 2005 – Human Personality, Chemistry of the Emotions (Metabolics)
  • September 2005 – Applying Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice (Jeffrey Bland)
  • September 2005 – Comprehensive Weight Management – Assessment and Resolution (Nutri-Link)
  • September 2005 – Gastro-Intestinal Immunology – The Implications of Immune Tolerance (Nutri-Link)
  • April 2005 – Amino Acids (Solgar)
  • April 2005 – Food Intolerances and IgG antibodies (ImunoPro)
  • October 2004 – Nutritional and Herbal Protocols for Practitioners (Solgar)
  • June 2004 – Circulation (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)
  • July 2004 – Advanced Immunology (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)
  • March 2004 – Clinical Auditing (Natural Trade show)
  • March 2004 – Update on Turmeric Research (Natural Trade show)
  • November 2003 – The Thyroid Gland (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)
  • October 2003 – Chronic Diseases (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)
  • October 2003 – Designing Effective Supplement Programmes (Solgar)
  • June 2003 – Functional Biochemistry Module 4 Functional Endocrinopathy (Metabolics)
  • April 2003 – Stress and Chronic Disease (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)
  • April 2003 – Functional Biochemistry The Gut as Second Brain (Metabolics)
  • March 2003 – Schizophrenia Lecture (Royal Society of Medicine)
  • January 2003 – Probiotics (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)
  • July 2002 – Functional Biochemistry Module 1 Introduction (Metabolics)
  • March 2002 – Antioxidants (Marion Kirkman – Biocare)