Charlotte Watts brings her experience to a group forum where you can safely discuss the common challenges facing the Nutritional Therapist. Through an initial short talk, discussion and some group exercises, the themes will be explored with an enquiring nature – holding space for each other to find your own therapeutic voice; that supports your clients as they need. Everybody’s varied experience and insight will be welcomed.

Session details:

  • 10am-1pm on Fridays – roughly every two months
  • A different theme for each – input welcomed on future content by participants
  • Maximum 8 participants in the group
  • Venue: UMEUS Therapeutics on Third, Langford Suites, 8-16 Third Avenue, Hove BN3 2PX (10 mins walk from Hove station)

Upcoming sessions:

Feb 28th – What is Compliance? How can we change the client-practitioner relationship to one of more mutual exploration?

May 15th – Where does trauma fit in to the picture for the Nutritional Therapist? Understanding the mind-body effects and what trauma is (and is not) can help us makes sense of symptoms, habits and food choices.

July 17th – Mindful language within the therapeutic relationship. How the words we use around body and health affect the client’s journey.

Charlotte Watts has been a Nutritional Therapist for over 20 years and won the CAM (now IHCAN) Award for Outstanding Practice in 2012. She is also author of many nutrition books such as Good Mood Food, The De-Stress Effect, 100 Foods to Stay Young, 100 Best Foods for Pregnancy and Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids. She has lectured for the College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.