charlotte headshotI am a Nutritional Therapist who draws in a mindful approach with plenty of discussion on your lifestyle and mindset, to offer rounded advice that suits your life and needs; whether that is for more in-depth health concerns or guidance on stepping off habits of craving and behaviour around food and health. Much of this is to help get to the heart of your relationship with food and self-care and why you may feel continued resistance to doing what you “know you should be” – a very common phrase I hear and very human!

I offer several levels of support package to help you find the ideal match. Whether you are just looking for a point in the right direction or a more in-depth programme, I can help you find the right way to allow you to cope with life and sail through the stressful times. In this way, you can establish long-lasting change and address health issues most effectively.

You can read more about the process on the page What Happens in a Consultation?

Sorry, but I am not currently taking on new clients unless you are a student from The Minded Institute, Yogacampus or other yoga trainings I run.

Walnuts in Wooden PlateAs I am also a yoga and mindfulness teacher specialising in stress-related conditions, I am able to offer you full dietary and lifestyle support for a range of symptoms, including anxiety, fatigue, depression, burnout, insomnia, IBS, skin issues and more.

You can discuss how this can work and how I can help your specific issues within a free 15 minute chat.

All consultations include a copy of my book The De-Stress Effect and yoga video resources relevant to your needs. See full list of what’s included below.

If you want to book in a consultation time or ask questions, you can also email me directly

“I often send my clients to see Charlotte as she offers a very unique perspective on nutrition and health generally which fits well for clients that have issues relating to stress, burnout, pain and anxiety. She has clearly got a wealth of knowledge and found what works best from her many years of experience. I totally trust that my clients are in the best hands when they see her not just for advice but also for a deeper sense of support and understanding of their problem. There has been a number of my clients that her work has made a complete turning point in their health that would not have happened without her input. She is professional, very down to earth and it is a joy to work with her in my programs with clients. All my clients love her!”  – Graham Stones, director and lead therapist Broken Yogi solutions, triyoga & English National Ballet



Consultation price:  £85 

Right for you if:

  • You have experienced recurrent energy, mood and other health issues related to stress
  • Have dietary, lifestyle or supplement questions and want individualised answers
  • A shorter consultation for less in-depth cases, but where specific guidance is needed
  • Best for those who don’t have too in-depth a case, but want some guidance


Consultation price:  £120 

Right for you if:

  • You have experienced recurrent energy, mood and other health issues related to stress
  • Have dietary, lifestyle or supplement questions and want individualised answers
  • Great for those who don’t want to commit to a longer programme at this time
  • Best for those who want to consider testing before the consultation and want to go through results


Package price:  £195 

  • 90 mins initial nutrition + 1 x 60 mins follow-ups
  • Usually taken over 2 months – every 4-6 weeks as best for you
  • Includes a copy of The De-Stress Effect

Right for you if:

  • You are experiencing recurrent energy, mood and other health issues and want to investigate and address root causes, possibly through testing
  • Want to continue your dietary and lifestyle explorations to ensure long-term maintenance
  • You have hit a tipping point health-wise and want to fully explore what suits you best on all physical levels
  • You need support during a recovery phase and want to be able to check in and discuss as you go along


Package price:  £260 

  • 90 mins initial nutrition + 2 x 60 mins follow-ups
  • Usually taken over 3 months – every 4-6 weeks as best for you
  • Includes a copy of The De-Stress Effect

Right for you if:

  • With the same considerations as the two consultation package, but you may feel you need longer-term support and even more testing avenues
  • You have deeper, specific health issues or a diagnosis that warrants further investigation and exploration
  • You have a fatigue or burnout condition that needs this time period for change to be fundamental
  • You prefer to know that you will be supported for a longer time period as you have deeper changes to make


  • The De-Stress Effect book
  • Downloadable meditation album
  • Yoga video resources relevant to your needs
  • Email support
  • Sessions can include nutrition, yoga, breathing, mindfulness sessions as we discuss your needs – with ideas new to you or working with existing practices to suit your current energy and health needs.
  • *Where appropriate, alternative books 100 Best Foods for Pregnancy, 100 Foods to Stay Young and 100 Top Recipes for Happier Kids can be offered instead.


Book Free 15 min Chat




  • UMEUS Therapeutics on Third, Third Avenue, Hove
  • Skype or phone
  • Visiting your home or office in Brighton or London can be arranged – please email for prices


  • All payments up front, by bank transfer or you can be invoiced to pay by card
  • Cash can be paid at the first consultation if in person and by prior arrangement
  • Payments cannot be refunded or transferred


“I like your style, flexibility and generosity.  Nothing has been too much trouble and you have patiently explained the complexities in simple terms.  You have showed great empathy and for the first time I feel someone is listening to me and the troubles I have been having for so long.  I like the way that you back this up with real science and this gives me confidence that we’re on the right path.”   Philip, Worthing


Questions about the consultations? Get in touch