Food Focus: Paprika

Did You Know…

Paprika has been used as a colouring in cosmetics for centuries and some zoos have been known to add it to flamingos’ food to enhance their pink colour.

Paprika is dried and powdered capsicum or pepper and offers the same circulation-enhancing action as its cousin chilli – great for youthful skin.

Paprika has long been used traditionally for heart health and has shown to have excellent LDL cholesterol lowering actions. It is said to create heat in the body without burning or irritating, the action that increases circulation delivering invigorating oxygen and nutrients to the whole body, including the heart. Paprika, like turmeric and cumin is high in salicylic acid, the basis for aspirin and their amounts in a highly spiced curry can be more than in one aspirin tablet. This is a testament to their anti-inflammatory actions, keeping joints mobile and skin clear, but should be considered by those sensitive to salicylic acid.
• Contains more protective vitamin C than lemon juice by weight, which is actually retained during drying and cooking.
• Increases saliva production for the good digestion that keeps us young with full nutrient absorption.
• Helps reduce the bacterial infections that can stress the body and age us prematurely.

Practical Tip
Store paprika away from light and only get out of the cupboard when you need to use it as it loses colour and flavour quickly when exposed to air and light. This also applies to cooking when it should be added as close the end as possible. Don’t be fooled by its milder taste before adding to food; it increases in strength and flavour when cooked.

KCalories 289 kcal
Total fat 12.95 g
Protein 14.76 g
Carbohydrate 55.74 g
Fibre 37.4 g
Vitamin C 71.1 mg
Vitamin B3 15.32 mg
Vitamin B6 4.02 mg
Vitamin A 52735 IU
Vitamin E 29.83 mg
Potassium 2344 mg
Iron 23.59 mg
Zinc 4.06 mg
Beta carotene 27679 mcg
Lutein/ zeaxanthin 13157 mcg

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