Food Focus – Almonds

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Did You Know?

There is evidence of humans growing almond trees from 3000-2000 BC and more was found in the Egyptian pharaoh Tutenkhamun’s tomb dated 1325 BC.


Almonds are the perfect anti-ageing food, full of the protein, fibre and omega 6 oils that keep us young and stop ageing sugar cravings to boot.

All nuts are packed with healthy fats and contrary to some advice, they are perfect for weight loss as they regulate blood sugar levels and energy and provide a sustained fuel source for good metabolism. They are particularly good for the heart, extensive studies have shown that eating almonds regularly lowers bad cholesterol levels and also risk of heart disease, gallstones and diabetes. The omega 6 oils play a part in heart health and they also help regulate mood, including mood swings seen with PMS and menopause. They also contain high levels of the monounsaturated and oleic oils so representative of the Mediterranean diet and also found in olive oil, walnuts and avocadoes.

  • High in phytosterols that stop cholesterol absorption and support immunity to stay youthful.
  • They have the perfect 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio for muscle and brain reactions.
  • Vitamin E lubricates the skin, keeping it firm and protected from age spots.
Practical Tip

Almonds are the perfect snack to ward off sugar cravings; they are best eaten raw, much healthier than the roasted, salted versions. They can also be soaked to digest and access the nutrients more easily – just cover with water in a glass airtight jar and replace the water every 2 days. Add more water to these and blend to make almond milk, the amount of water to almonds is up to your taste.

KCalories575 kcal
Total fat49.42 g
Monounsaturated fat30.89 g
Omega 6 oils12065 mg
Omega 9 oils30607 mg
Protein21.22 g
Carbohydrate21.67 g
Fibre12.2 g
Vitamin B21.01 mg
Vitamin B33.39 mg
Vitamin B50.47 mg
Vitamin E26.22 mg
Calcium264 mg
Magnesium268 mg
Potassium705 mg
Phosphorus484 mg
Zinc5.04 mg
Phytosterols143 mg


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