Mindful & Somatic Yoga Workshops

with Charlotte Watts

at Brighton Natural Health Centre

These mindful, meditative and deep workshops are suitable for anyone needing to make space and time to breathe deeply, reconnect with their bodies and still their minds. You will be guided through a yoga journey to open up the body and soothe the brain and nervous system, with an emphasis on the breath and kind, relaxed attention.

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Beginning with a meditative, lying somatic practice, we arrive into the body and meet ourselves where we are with explorative and fluid motions. From this grounding, awareness and attunement into our inner landscape, we can then move from the centre in a more integrated way, feeling out what we need moment to moment.

Taking time to gather up off the ground towards standing pratices that incorporates elements of Qi Gong; there is the space and kind attention for each person to move in ways that feel safe, supportive and opening. In this way we can ease open muscles, fascia and posture with body intelligence and embodied awareness.

There will be plenty of time to make our way down from standing, through a few restorative postures towards a long savasana (final, lying relaxation) to allow the practice to settle into tissues and all aspects of our beings.

You will experience practical antidotes to the stresses of modern life – from the postural issues of sitting on chairs and hunching over computers to the ‘busy brain’ effects of constant stimulus and psycho-social pressure.

Suitable for all levels and a great complement to a more dynamic practice.

How does this type of practice help to relieve mind-body stress?

Yoga is connection; not the shapes we make or the flexibility we might want, but awareness created towards ‘stilling the mind’ (according to the Yoga Sutras). A large part of any yoga practice is to ‘just be’ and help us move away from the stress-inducing ‘fixing and doing’ so rewarded in our culture. This is the essence of being in the here and now – if we are not present then our brains are flitting around in the past and/or future. This is how we tend to live and many of us need dedicated tools and guides to help us stay in the moment and truly feel what we feel, whatever it is, without judgement.

The Somatic and Mindful style that Charlotte teaches supports stress relief and may help reduce stress-related issues (such as anxiety, insomnia, IBS, inflammatory conditions) in a number of ways, including:

Creating fluid movement into fascia (connective tissue) that releasing tension and the effects of chronic stress and trauma there, as well as introducing coaxing motion into any lesions and adhesions in tissues that can affect organ function and movement.

Fostering awareness of our boundaries and how to not simply crash into them by ‘keeping going’ and ‘doing more’ – rather knowing where and when is enough. From this space, we can learn to recognise when we need to look after ourselves, slow down and allow experience to be processed and integrate.

Rocking, rolling, pulsing, reaching and revolving motions to move into organs, lymphatics and tissues without insistence or strain.

Engaging the vagus nerve for the full mind-body self-soothing that can support us occupying more adaptive, responsive and resilient states.

Grounding to register a full sense of where and how we are – in the present moment – to foster signals of safety and potential calm.

Encouraging diaphragmatic movement, jaw release and softening of the eyes and front brain to communicate it’s ok to allow ease throughout the whole body and mind.

Fostering the very real relationship of compassion towards ourselves, and being able to respect our own needs. Supporting the space of the heart in relation to our whole being.

Friday 17th September 2021

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Friday 12th November 2021

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