with Charlotte Watts 500RYT SYT (Yoga Alliance UK)

Charlotte runs various yoga teacher training events across the UK for yoga teachers wanting to deepen their own practice and connection with students’ needs.

Also see Charlotte’s other teachers’ further training here, including workshops to accompany her book Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health and Teacher’s Retreats. As Charlotte is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, her other workshops and retreats also count as CPD hours.

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Exploring the Polarities of Fluidity and Containment

  • London: Thane Works, Finsbury Park – Sunday 23rd June 2019 – booking link here
  • Manchester: The Life Centre North – Saturday 18th April 2020 – booking link to follow, please email interest to info@yogacampus.com

This workshop is a chance to explore within our yoga practice where our mental, emotional and physical worlds meet, through the lens of our need for both movement and stillness; freedom and boundaries.

We all need the quality of fluidity to move, express and adapt, but how is such fluid contained? This is the constant interplay we are calling on continually in life – in body and in thought – and a yoga practice with embodied awareness can help us explore such polarities. We will explore how we need both somatic (fascial, formless) and gathering, strengthening (muscular, ‘form’) practices for the full range of body understanding and expression, and where they feed into each other. From the context of living in a demanding and stimulating world, we will discuss the role fluidity plays in keeping us playful and adaptable and where that needs the safe boundaries of containment to be able to explore such freedom.


Topics covered in this workshop include:

• The viewpoint of polarity rather than just opposites; looking at the yin-yang model, the gunas, the breath and even our own embryological history as examples of the continual interdependence of related and differing qualities.
• Recognising that there is always movement and stillness within practices with and without motion, we can develop a practice and teaching of deep listening and responding.
• How our need for both fluidity and containment is related to our survival strategies and patterns that come from unconscious self-protection instincts.
• What this actually means in terms of how we feel, move and take action – softness and strength via ‘stirha sukha asanam’.
• Observing the differing energetic qualities of the gunas to guide a sensitive and nuanced physical practice.
• Using the guide of the yamas to inform us when we move in deeper and when we allow in stillness.
• How we gauge what we need over what we may want or think we may need from these viewpoints – in yoga as in life.

What can you expect to gain from attending this workshop:

• Bringing a fuller view of the mind-body’s needs playing out through our physical and meditative yoga practice.
• How to guide self and taught practice in relation to our own and others’ boundaries.
• The role that somatics play within fostering mind-body safety.
• How a stronger physical practice needs the foundations of softness, fluidity and care.
• How to listen in and cultivate a practice based on self-compassion and deeper needs.
• The recognition that we need different things on different days.

Suggested outline for the day:

9.30am – 10.15am Introduction to the concepts of polarities and where those of fluidity and containment fit in to our practices

10.15am – 11.30pm Somatic practices to explore the formless and fluid; noticing the breath cycle as an example we can readily feel

11.30 – 11.45pm BREAK

11.45 – 12.15pm Discussion of the practice in relation to the gunas

12.15pm – 1pm A stronger more contained, practice with ‘form’ to feel the difference in energetic qualities

1pm – 2pm LUNCH

2pm – 2.30pm Talk on how we can use concepts of the yamas as guides to inwardly sensing where fluidity meets containment

2.30pm – 4.15pm Exercises and practice to experience the yamas in motion. Through fostering awareness of where outer skin reaches in to inner fascia, muscle, bone and organ and vice versa, we can differentiate where we feel fluidity and containment moment-to-moment to integrate as a whole

4.15pm – 5pm Diads for self and shared reflection of the concepts and practices


You will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Attendance.

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