Healing Yoga All-levels Class, Brighton

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26th August 2019 @ 11:30 – 12:45

Healing Yoga All-levels Class

This is a restorative and gentle class which can help to facilitate recovery, but good for anyone looking for stress-relief and deep body connection.

Charlotte safely and intuitively helps students to reconnect to their bodies at a pace that suits them. Classes include yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation – all at levels and depths that can be modified to suit individual needs. Props are used to help the body open up and support muscles that need protection as they are encouraged to strengthen at a safe rate.

There is a strong emphasis on connecting with the breath, with the aim of correcting disordered breathing patterns that can add to our operating below our optimal physical and emotional potential. Moving tension from the body and stilling the mind in this way helps us both cope with and recover from a wide range of conditions, including stress-related illnesses, ME and chronic fatigue syndrome.

See Brighton Natural Health Centre website for more info – classes are run within course dates for cheaper cost but drop-ins are available every week except for bank holidays.

Current course dates 6 weeks at £48 / £42 conc.:

  • 4 Jul to 18 Aug
  • 15 Sep to 27 Oct
  • 12 Nov to 17 Dec
  • Drop-ins during these course times and all other weeks between: £9/ £8 conc.

To book go to the Brighton Natural Health Centre website or call 01273 600010

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