De-Stress Meditations CD cover 2Here are links to your audio meditations. Simply click to listen or right-click to download files.


Nourishing the heart – the Positive Visualisation featured in The De-Stress Effect, can be used to remind us to practice self-compassion and to recharge emotional depletion and a drained ‘heart chakra’; shown to raise the anti-stress hormone DHEA that helps us cope with challenges and feel joy in life.

Belly focus meditation – a focus on the central part of ourselves, from where we feel intuition and what is really true, including how we feel about the world and people around us; helps cultivate a more soft sense of self-protection through awareness. Good to do if you you feel overly ‘heady’ and disconnected from your body.

Body Scan – a practice that moves through different parts of the body to foster body connection, acceptance and interoception (body awareness) that helps shut down verbal chatter from the left-brain and give us some peace! Useful before bed if you have difficulty sleeping.

Metta Bhavana – the Buddhist practice of developing loving-kindness (to ourselves and others) that has shown to help emotional integration, resilience and the qualities with which we interact with others.

Walking meditation – a grounding way of paying attention, but bringing a meditative quality to a common action; a good practice for those who feel agitation when just sitting or lying. Also when you feel you need some grounding and connection to your body and the Earth.

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