DSE Rest, not just sleepBringing in pause, attention and connection to life

The podcast below outlines the discussion in Chapter 3: Enjoy Each Moment on how to bring mindfulness into your daily life and experience every part to the full. In this way we start to more easily prioritise spending our time in pursuits that de-stress rather than create stress. There is also a short version of the meditation practice Learning to ‘think with your heart’ on page 193, also in a longer audio (as Nourishing the Heart) in the De-Stress Meditations album here.


Mindful Eating Support

In this period of reducing sugar and paying particular attention to what you are eating, mindful eating can help you connect into how you feel as you make change and begin to notice how your body responds, being all feelings as new habits evolve.

You can see the Mindful Eating exercise on page 93 of The De-Stress Effect and come back to it over and again, as both a sensory meditation and a reminder for us to connect back in to this action that can so easily move into automatic during the stresses, distractions and routines of the day.

Also having a snack like the Trail Mix below (also on page 165) handy, can help prevent us reaching for the mindless, quick-fix food hits that may be a part of old habits we don’t need. Even noticing where our habits pop up is helpful to make changes stick in the long run.