congratulations!It’s all good….

It doesn’t matter how much or little you feel you have achieved, if you’re still with us on day 42 you have lots to celebrate; changes must come at the right level for where you are in your life right now and looking at what you haven’t done is yet another source of psycho-social ‘bad stress’.

Over time, the more you practice the tools and systems in The De-Stress Effect at your own pace and in your own way, the more they will become second nature and the more effortless they will seem. This is the beginning of a delicious journey to for you.

Planning your congratulatory event

It is important to remember that you really do deserve to treat yourself and to acknowledge that you need time dedicated to pampering and acts of personal kindness. It’s also great to do something to mark this landmark in your health journey, whilst reiterating to yourself what really makes you feel good about life.

This does not need to be expensive, complicated or new, simply the stuff you know that makes you happy in a healthy way. Completely your choice and this will of course depend on your circumstances; budget, time, where you live, daily commitments. Don’t wait until you ‘can afford it’ either, De-Stress is not about spending – why add the stress of a strain on the credit card to your day?

As well as the days below, one of my favourite treats to go walking on a week day (perks of self-employment!) once a month with a friend and take a picnic for a leisurely lunch. Very simple, cheap and incredibly nourishing, especially done with a friend who is happy to be silent often and with whom I feel very comfortable. All the details need to fit the criteria of soothing, calmly energising, revitalising and happiness enducing.

find your spotPlan yourself a De-Stress Treat Day as a reward

On the cheap:

  • Long luxurious breakfast of extremely high quality and healthy ‘fry-up version’ or maybe scrambled eggs and poached salmon with a really good cup of coffee
  • Walk into town for pre-lunch yoga class
  • Lunch on my own (yup, classic introvert – with others if more your style!)
  • Sit in a park with book or magazine or just lying there if good weather
  • Treat of cake and tea in really good tea shop
  • Walk home for spot of lying on the sofa
  • Lovely family tea
  • Evening yoga, little read, early night – maybe long bath…….

immersion in water


Occasional treat:

  • Book spa day deal with friend (have one, also a mother with whom I do this once every 2-3 months)
  • Go early, get into robes to get all ‘institutionalised’
  • Book massage in morning
  • Lunch in robes
  • Steam, sauna, Jacuzzi – any hanging about in primordial water type pools we can
  • Booja Booja truffles for the afternoon relaxation room
  • Lovely family tea
  • Evening yoga, little read, early night – maybe long bath…….You see the evening trend of a mother!


Acknowledge the importance of these breaks regularly

This day can seal a sense memory that this self-care is highly important for a happy life. Find what you really look forward to and plan for regularly. If you think you have too much work, schedule in weeks before; family life too busy, insist someone lets you have a break… get the picture – nothing in life is too important to stop and look after yourself so you can look after others or get the job done with rational focus.

It is crucial to remember that holidays are not exceptional periods that happen every six months only; you need to weave them into your life – small stuff daily and regular days (even half-days) all about your welfare. Even your daily mindfulness practice can be viewed as a holiday from expecting to control life and to go with the unending flow.

A final word from me……


If you feel you need more support at this time, you can book a free 15 min consultation with me to see how I can help.

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