DSE Some stress is good - no brandingWeek 6: Reflecting on What Works For You

It is natural for us to start evaluating when coming to the end of any chapter, but do remember that The De-Stress Effect is not just about what you achieve in these isolated 6 weeks, but how you choose to live your life from here on in. Now is a good time to look back and reflect on The De-Stress Effect Principles on page 19 in the book intro. You don’t need to be ticking all of the boxes, hopefully these guidelines now resonate as essential tenets for a life lived well and healthily.

Your own personal healthy ‘Lifestyle Default’ will be the one that seems most natural to keep up and easier and easier to get back to when things might go awry. For instance, once you’ve understood the important of rest at a true body level, it will seem strange to not prioritise this into your week. If you need some extra help at this time, revisit the De-Stress Effect Tools on Day One of this programme as a reminder to start back here whenever you need in the future.

Use the tools that have most worked for you and make notes of all the tips, details and personal troubleshooting quirks to refer back to later. You can keep examples of the progress charts and food diaries on good days and weeks as quick references of what to do. Also do the Reflective Journal and Stress Gauge whenever you need.


How to Have a Good Time and retain The De-Stress Effect

In this podcast Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee chat about how to approach the odd drink on your terms, whilst still feeling virtuous!


29Considering key reflections for your specific Stress Suit(s):

What are the best questions to ask yourself in the context of Stress Suit tendencies at this time and maybe revisit with any tools which have helped you most? Explore those below and add any in that are relevant to you to ask your future self, whenever you might need a hand back from whatever challenges arise:

Stressed and Wired

  • Have I truly addressed habits where I can slip into hyped-up and overachieving tendencies?
  • Do I really pay attention to the rest and recovery I need?
  • Do I need to feel more ‘safe and supported’ in life to be less reactive? If so, how can I find this?

Stressed and Tired

  • Have I truly identified areas where I might be using up needless energy?
  • Have I prioritised making my evening ritual most conducive to good sleep, at least 3-4 times a week?
  • Do I take time to stop and properly refuel myself with the right, sustaining food?

Stressed and Cold

  • Have I been moving around continually as much as I can and making it part of my life?
  • Have I been getting used to colder temperatures and embracing heat-producing thermogenesis?
  • Have I got on top of sugar issues and feel in control around the sweet stuff?

Stressed and Bloated

  • Do I feel like I can see the signs when stress levels affect my gut and I need to address them?
  • Have I learnt what negatively and positively affects my digestion, so I feel a level of control?
  • Have I explored the relationship between my digestive issues and my breathing?

let yourself swayStressed and Sore

  • Can I relate my stress levels to inflammatory tendencies and how I need to manage them?
  • Have I identified factors in my diet that seem to trigger an immune response?
  • Have I sufficiently reduced the inflammatory factors in my diet – like sugar, stimulants and high grain intake?

Stressed and Demotivated

  • Have I prioritised the things in my life that make me feel happy and nourished?
  • Have I found ways to include socialising, outdoor activities as part of my weekly routine?
  • Do I feel I’ve found the right rhythm in terms of diet and food choices to best support mood and not turning to quick-fixes?

Stressed and Hormonal

  • Do I feel more in control around the factors that upset female hormone balance, like sugar and caffeine?
  • Can I see how issues worsen with rising stress levels?
  • Am I moving naturally throughout the day to support hormone balance?


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