27The essence of the nutritional changes you are making from the start of your programme focus around changing what your body and brain expect to receive – not just on a day-to-day basis, but what you perceive will make you feel better when stress hits. Changing habits of turning to sugars or junk foods to comfort when you’re feeling agitated can be changed with some attention and finding the alternatives that suit you.

Here’s a reminder of what the book says if you haven’t already started:

Chapter 9: Six Weeks to De-Stress Eating – starts page 105

Weeks 1–3: Retraining taste

The best time to start this first phase of the plan is when you can have enough space to look after yourself – perhaps a weekend where no one is coming to stay and you’ve no other commitments. Remember, you’re looking to explore what works for you, for life, not to avoid things through gritted teeth for a short period of time.

You’ll see from the content of this chapter and the guidelines laid out in Chapter 6: De-Stress Eating Principles, that reducing and even avoiding sugar sources (except fruit) are the foundation of this first three weeks of the programme.

You can lay out the meals and well-timed snacks (if you need) with help from the Progress charts Energy, Mood and Appetite and What to Eat (sent with Day 1) to give a framework to crave sugar less, but paying attention to the lifestyle areas where we foster less stress and more joy are crucial to truly moving away from habits, triggers and cravings. They can also be extremely enjoyable activities!

Here’s a handy infographic taken from the advice in the book to help, good to print out and stick on a wall as a reminder:


Sugar Cravings lifestyle support


The De-Stress Effect Yoga & Fitness Video Package

As described in the last two chapters of book, yoga and strength training have different qualities that help create the optimal function that helps relieve cravings and the need for quick-fix hits.

These three downloadable videos follow the two De-Stress Yoga sequences with Charlotte Watts and the Strength Training routine with Charlene Hutsebaut from The De-Stress Effect. Suitable for all levels and can be modified for individual needs. Mobile versions of each video is included and an extra short chair-based sequence from Charlotte.

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  • Approx. 75 minutes total running time

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