DSE Find your rhythm with foodWeek 3: Learning from the Effects of Change

This is the last week of Phase One of The De-Stress Effect dietary plan, the last week you’ll be in the Retraining Taste phase before you move into the Food Liberation phase. Hopefully by now you are seeing the smoke clear and feeling better energy, mood and motivation. If you’ve been using the Progress Charts and prioritising reducing stress hormones and responses with mindfulness and lifestyle changes, you have probably gained some great insight into what suits you.

This is an important week to really pay attention to the changes that make you feel better and the habits you can see might creep in when stressed to take into phase two. Write down anything that you have found calms and grounds you – any meal, snack, mindfulness exercise, yoga practice, exercise activity or relaxation technique that helps you find space and perspective. This will give you a clear roadmap to come back to, like a plan of support for your future self, should it hit a tough patch!

5Bodily change is stuff moving through….

You may be experiencing some effects from changes in diet and lifestyle that need some help to relieve discomfort. You’ve been making changes that will release many toxins and change your digestive environment, so to help support these processes in the most beneficial ways, see the following sections and ensure that you are taking the time and care to help yourself through this time:

  • Natural Detoxification page 110
  • Keep on Moving page 112
  • Realistic, Steady, Lifelong Change page 112

Here is a podcast on Nutritional Obstacles to help navigate best ways to meet any challenges along the way, in the next email I’ll look at common symptoms that come up at this time period of change:



48Starting the Day for your specific Stress Suit(s):

By now, breakfast should have moved towards a De-Stress start to the day. Revisit A Morning Revolution (Chapter 11) and the Breakfast Help by Stress Suit recommendations on page 140 of The De-Stress Effect. For the most beneficial food support to take you through the day, ensure you include the following ingredients to support your tendencies, alongside the breakfast suggestions in the Meal Plan from Day 1 and pages 135-7; as well as how you have breakfast (see page 136):

Stressed and Wired
Protein With Every Meal page 98 – those on ‘constant alert’ need to be particularly mindful to support their adrenals and blood-sugar balance for the day, right from the start.

Stressed and Tired
Plenty of Vegetables page 99 – those who may have relied on a sweeter breakfast for morning energy need to prioritise receiving the best mineral rich and alkalising foods in a savoury package.

Stressed and Cold
Protein With Every Meal page 98 and Healthy Fats page 100 – you may be feeling that you still struggle to greet the morning, so help rising energy and motivation with foods that encourage heat and metabolism, like healthy proteins and fats.

50Stressed and Bloated
Bitter Foods page 101 – if your palette has been rather sweet-orientating, it’s time to recondition to start digestive juices flowing from the onset with bitter and sour tastes.

Stressed and Sore
Alkalizing Foods page 100 – if stress levels and dietary breakfast habits have contributed to disrupted pH balance in your body, this could have played a part in inflammation.

Stressed and Demotivated
Healthy Fats page 100 – support your hungry brain from the beginning of the day so that it doesn’t start demanding sugar from you later to make up for this deficit.

Stressed and Hormonal
Liver-supporting Foods page 100 – when your liver has been detoxifying overnight, greeting it with a supportive breakfast can work with rather than against your female hormone balance.


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