28Natural energy and craving fixes

At this time when you might be removing the substances you have been relying on for quick-fix energy, it is good to have some physical actions that you can turn to in the face of low energy and cravings. We are all individual and one of these will work best for you, but you might also find that they suit you at different times and situations:

Here are three quick and free ways to avoid turning to sugar and stimulants:

  1. Tap your whole head with your fingertips to wake up your brain and motivate your body. Keep your fingers moving in a drumming action until you feel the effects. This can be particularly effective in areas where you may feel tension and may want to go a little more softly, with more of a massage, like around the back of the ears and base of the skull.
  2. Rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue; this might feel ticklish to start but this is a good sign that the nerves close to the brain are firing off. Keep going until the tickling feeling subsides.
  3. When you feel a craving, press the acupressure point in the middle of your breastbone with your thumb three times, and hold for 12 seconds each time. In traditional Chinese medicine this spot is called the Sea of Tranquility and said to quiet agitation and promote relaxation – worth a try!

Sugar and stimulants, poor breathing, posture and lifestyle habits can mean that energy to our brains isn’t always the consistent flow that it needs. Using these natural methods to encourage circulation and wake up the nervous system can have real physical effects that may stop us turning to the negative coping patterns that limit energy, focus and making the decisions we want.

Here is a podcast I made with Anna Magee, co-author of The De-Stress Effect’s first incarnation, The De-Stress Diet on how de-stressing can help us find natural energy:



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