WEEK 6 – Reflecting on What Works For You

It is natural for us to start evaluating when coming to the end of any chapter, but do remember that The De-Stress Diet is not just about what you achieve in these isolated 6 weeks, but how you choose to live your life from here on in. Now is a good time to look back and reflect on De-Stress: The 10 Principles of Slim and Calm Living on page xvi in the book intro. You don’t need to be ticking all of the boxes, but we do hope that these principles now resonate as essential tenets for a life lived well and healthily.

Your own personal healthy ‘Lifestyle Default’ (see page xx in the Intro) will be the one that seems most natural to keep up and easier and easier to get back to when things might go awry. For instance, once you’ve understood the important of rest at a true body level, it will seem strange to not prioritise this into your week.

If you need some extra help at this time, the following sections might lend some inspiration to ensure you find the optimal health route for you:

Nutritional Guidelines page 58
Natural Detoxification page 70
Keep on Moving page 72

Use the tools that have most worked for you and make notes of all the tips, details and personal troubleshooting quirks to refer back to later. You can keep examples of the progress charts and food diaries on good days and weeks as quick references of what to do.

Your Week 6 De-Stress Support Package

Podcast of the week:

The Power of Restoration:

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet chat about how continuing to respect your body’s need for dedicated rest and recovery is what will keep you succeeding with your long-term health and wellbeing goals. Running time: 16.07

Approaching The Odd Drink on The De-Stress Diet:

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet chat about how to approach the odd drink on your terms, whilst still feeling virtuous! Running time: 14.13

De-Stress tools that may be of particular help at this time:

Classic Food Diary  – if it worked for you before or helps you evaluate before your final week, this may be time to be vigilant about exactly what and when you are eating and drinking; you may see some interesting patterns. At this stage pay attention to how much variety you are having; if you have dropped into new ways, but still having the same thing day-in-day-out, you may need to remind yourself to have a little shake-up every once in a while.

Recipe of the Week:  Coconut Chicken Curry Stew

This dish packs a punch of De-Stress Superfoods and is particularly heating with its host of flavoursome spices. Use beans or tofu instead of chicken for vegetarian alternative; slow cook the bean as in Chapter Six of The De-Stress Diet, but add the tofu near the end of the cooking process. Add in the healthy fats from coconut and it is a wonderful metabolism booster – consider for breakfast, which might not seem so out-there at this stage!

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