WEEK 5 – The De-Stress Diet Lifestyle Check

Right in the middle of the last three weeks is a great time to be looking at how you are integrating The De-Stress Diet into your everyday life. It’s always good to check in with the basics, so do consider revisiting De-Stress: The 10 Principles of Slim and Calm Living on page xvii in the book Intro to help remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you’re anything like us, you can sometimes find yourself doing something without quite connecting as the reason has slipped away………very human indeed!

The best motivation for continuing anything is that it makes you feel good. The De-Stress lifestyle factors have contentment, awareness and ‘what we were designed to do’ at their core and it is important that you find the aspects within these that work for you. Life and its stressors will always try and keep us away from doing these when the pressure is high, so ensure you have good systems in place to come back to them when you go through a period where they are less easy to achieve. A walk locally, short yoga sequence at home or getting off the bus a stop early can get the ball back and rolling.

If you’re feeling you need some fresh inspiration, connect back to body, breath, movement and fun at:

The New Mind–Body Movement page 163
Calm for Life page 190

Your Week 5 De-Stress Support Package

Podcast of the week:

Nutrition – What Works for You: 

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet, chat about how to consider and evaluate what suits you as an individual, within your life and its usual ups and downs.  Running time: 11.04

De-Stress tools that may be of particular help at this time:

De-Stress Progress Chart – Daily Living – revisit to evaluate how your De-Stress lifestyle tools are being assimilated into your life. Which have easily integrated and suit you and which are simply not realistic at this time? Better to do what you can and not create stress with guilt or recriminations about what doesn’t work for you right now…..it might well later.
De-Stress Progress Chart – Alcohol – an extra Progress Chart to help those who tend towards alcohol as a treat, to monitor and gain awareness of now, to help decide how alcohol will fit into your life long-term.

Recipe of the Week:  Smoked Fish & Orange Waldorf Salad

This incorporates many De-Stress Superfoods that we encourage always feature in the hearty salads that you make. The healthy fats in avocado, walnuts, oily fish and olive oil can truly satisfy appetite and alongside the addition of some fruit, lessen any likelihood of craving a dessert after.

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