WEEK 4 – Moving to Part 2 – True Change

You’re halfway through this first part of The De-Stress Diet 6 Week Plan – congratulations!

You have probably identified some areas in your life that need to change to allow you to keep up this self-care long-term. These next three weeks in the True Change Phase are the time to honestly evaluate which changes you will keep up after week 6 and which you can integrate as you address longer term issues. It is important not to promise yourself unrealistic goals that set you up to fail – a common stress cycle pattern – but to cultivate a sense of moving in the right direction in a stress-free manner. See our Energy Conservation podcast to help you on your merry way.

All of the work you have done has been creating the sense memories that you can subconsciously and knowingly refer back to in any time of stress. We all have ups and downs and are not striving for perfection – that’s just too stressful an ideal. Here you have the opportunity to formulate how you can live life within your reality with the details that most support you feeling and looking great.

The key points to consider are:

Weeks 4–6 True Change page 75
Treats and Habits – Learning the Difference page 78
The Stress Suits Quiz starting page 19

Your Week 4 De-Stress Support Package

Podcast of the week:

Energy Conservation:

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet, discuss how we need to be mindful to use our new, improved energy to keep ourselves creating more and not take ourselves back to square one. Running time: 21.03

Extra: Expert Chat Podcast: 

Winter Health:

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet, talk about how to embrace the colder months as an opportunity for fat-burning, metabolism-raising thermogenesis – the art of healthy heat creation. Running time: 10.11 

De-Stress tools to help you make the transition:

De-Stress Reflection Journal – take your time over this and copy the questions into a dedicated notebook or journal if writing really helps you. This is worth a try if you haven’t before as writing can help to organise thoughts and highlight aspects of your habits you may not have noticed. It can also be very De-Stressing to move any analysis or comments you have been hanging on to with all the changes you have been making. After all, in the pursuit of feeling your way instead of stressful overthinking, continual evaluation of your progress can keep you back up in that chattering brain when you could be taking 10 Deep Breaths!
The Stress Quiz  – this is a good time to check in and see how you are responding to the changes you have made. We suggest that you don’t look back at your first answers, only comparing after you have revisited the quiz and answered quite quickly and intuitively. Hopefully you have seen some progress – slow and steady is the best, most fundamental and likely to stick long-term. If not, use the Progress Charts, Food Diary and/or Reflection Journal to explore what aspects of your diet and life might be holding you back and where you can realistically change.

Recipe of the Week:  Green Leafy Ginger & Cashew Stir-fry

Using nuts as protein in this evening meal can be filling and also provide some starchy carbohydrates so you don’t need to rely on grains or beans – add more if you need. Extra protein like tofu or cooked prawns can be added at the end of cooking for a heartier meal.

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